Dancing with the Stars – of MAD!




By Shruti Ambast

Dance is the expression of the inexpressible residue of emotions in our hearts… Or, something like that. But then, why define – what you can DO!

A day before Children’s Day, the girls at Chhatravas took one step closer towards their dreams of becoming dancers. Professional choreographers Aditi and Aditi (!) came down to the shelter home and conjured up an atmosphere of Sunday morning fever (brownie points if you can catch all the references)!

To start with, they introduced the girls to styles of dance they had never heard of before – Ballet, Hip-Hop, B-boying, Jazz, Contemporary, and Ballroom (or ‘couple’ as the girls put it). The girls were left awestruck when one of the choreographers ‘broke down’ her steps while belly dancing, and showed them what ‘Locking and Popping’ meant.

Next, the girls learned how dance can be made into a career, and why having a command over English is important in this particular field. Well, if you don’t know English, how will you understand and communicate those complicated instructions used in Western dances, like step-ball-chain!?!

The presentation was followed up with a dance video featuring one of the choreographers. This was just the trigger needed to get the girls all set… to move it. Luckily they didn’t have to contain themselves for long, because next on the event-playlist was a little bit of mass choreography to ‘Char Baj Gaye, Lekin Party Abhi Baki Hai!

The girls learned how to make an entry and exit, and when the music started, the volunteers couldn’t resist themselves either. Soon, the floor of the hall was supporting over one hundred and twenty very happy feet!! :D

Now, let’s rewind to a few days before this event. MAD Delhi volunteers were asked to collect a few items like cushions, badminton rackets, hats and umbrellas. Seemed strange! But, not when you are told that the final activity is a do-it-yourself Prop Round!

The girls were divided into teams, and each team given a prop and a song. It was the time to put the learning into practice. What followed were some very creative and predictably crazy performances, prepared by the kids themselves. The audience got to see totally transformed versions of choreography of Senorita and Chammak Challo, and they hooted their appreciation.

By the end of it, there was not a single kid or volunteer not feeling completely footloose and fired up.

Dance in its various avatars has become a viable and popular career option in recent times. It’s only fair our kids know about it, right? Well, mission accomplished. Hrithik Roshan, or rather his progeny – you had better watch out!




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