MAD did DFC: Chandigarh Winner: Looking Back At DFC





In the months of September and October, children and volunteers of Make A Difference, across India, participated in the global phenomenon that is Design For Change. DFC is a platform which encourages children to identify, find solutions and implement solutions to fix their own environments, thereby changing their own worlds.

Ever thought that a child cannot do something this momentous? Well, then you’re about to be proved wrong! Thousands upon thousands of children across the world (33 countries, this year) have participated in Design for Change, and by being the extraordinary talents they are, they’ve changed the world we live in, some way or the other!

At MAD, we were excited by the possibilities.  So were our volunteers, and so were our children. A bevy of projects were implemented up and down the country. We were awed, inspired, shocked at times by how aware our kids were about the issues surrounding them!

The children took to it so fast that some of us had trouble keeping up. (One particular group came up with 80 ideas for DFC!) In fact, there were so many that we decided to organise a small internal competition to celebrate the best of the best of the best!

Over the course of this week and the next, we’ll be bringing to you the stories of those who stood out from amongst the rest. These are MAD’s superheroes. The volunteers and chidren who inspire us day in, day out!

Presenting, the Chandigarh MAD did DFC winner, Vikas Sharma and his children from Aashiana.




Ah… DFC! What an event!!

If I could just say it in a single sentence,  IT WAS A CHANGE THAT GAVE HOPE. But that would be unfair to the efforts put in by THE SPARK PLUGS..

Now though I was the mentor, it was the children who came up with the problem of child labour & its solution i.e. encouraging the children to join schools.

After a few brain storming sessions the kids came up with the idea to perform a skit.

We chose this rather than hygiene awareness or traffic rules etc.. because the children directly associated themselves with this problem, they understood what the child labourers were losing.

The children were afraid to perform the skit in front of live audience so we decided to record the skit & then show it to other children. The response we got from the children as well as the faculty at Ashiana was amazing.

A child less on the road / in a shop is a child more closer to his childhood. Closer to his future. This is a satisfaction which I get by knowing that I played a part in moulding the future of a few children.

Design For Change gave me this oppurtunity & I wish that every one gets such oppurtunities.

We started a wave of HOPE  & ENCOURAGEMENT with DFC, and as long as possible I will not let this wave end & neither would the children, the spark plugs.




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