Giving Wings to Imagination!




By Manan Dhaundiyal
Edited by Ritika Taneja

Albert Einstein said once, “Imagination is more important than knowledge. Knowledge is limited. Imagination encircles the world”.

Our children have the imagination. All they are in need of is wings. Fastening these wings was exactly what the team from Royal Bank of Scotland decided to do, when they came down to Bachchon Ka Ghar, Daryaganj to talk to the youngsters about the general know-how of day-to-day banking and the importance of savings.

The day kicked off with an introduction session, which transformed the ‘hesitated environment’ into a ‘friendly neighbourhood’ in no time! The kids engrossed themselves in all the activities that were taking place around. And our photographers just couldn’t resist the ‘million dollar expressions’ on their curious faces. “Ab kya hoga?” “Ab yeh hume kya dikhayenge? (What will happen now? What new will they show us?)

Those questions were answered with a series of plays which highlighted the importance of banking along with moral values in life, like brotherhood and the need to help others. But they weren’t all-serious-no-fun plays. A tinge of humour spread laughter all over the place. Money related issues like transactions from banks and how a bank actually works were explained in a very comprehensive yet interesting manner.

And the fun sessions didn’t end just there. A spoon race, a game of musical chair and a colouring competition followed. And it was not only fascinating for our kids, but for the MAD Volunteers and the team from RBS as well!

But the show-stopper was the *Surprise box* by the team of RBS. And out came puppets with a ‘sooper-awesome-absolutely-mesmerizing-puppet-show’ for our kids! That left even the volunteers awestruck. Smiles to giggles to bursts-of-laughter!

The sound of laughter got a rhythm when a RBS-ite picked up his guitar and got the kids to join him. “Dance when you’re happy” they say. Our kids followed it perfectly with their amazing freestyle dance moves, the STEP-UP way, making each RBS-member MAD and making them go “Wooooaah!”

That’s the power our enthusiastic children have; making corporate members dumb-founded! Not easy at all!

It wasn’t all about ‘gyan’. Each child received a little gift from the RBS team to take back as a souvenir. It was all about igniting the spark in the kids, and by witnessing the ear-to-ear smiles on each of their faces with the “Bahut hi achcha din thha!” (It was a really nice day ) pouring in from all directions, we are sure it was done in an affirmative manner.

Well, the seeds of imagination have been sown. The wings have grown. The first flight will happen soon enough. We believe in One.Step.At.A.Time. :D




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