The trio at Catherine’s




By Aniket Azure

A wonderful day at St. Catherines; in fact every weekend for the kids is filled with wonderful days. This last weekend Prakruti had it all planned out, with the help of the MOOD-Indigo team as a part of ‘SPARSH – Touching innocent hearts’.

The whole concept was to familiarize the children to some of the more impressive jobs available as an option for them.

The workshop started by the introduction of a police force personnel as a career option for the children.








A female assistant police inspector came up and addressed the kids and spoke about herself, and how they could become a police inspector like her and what all they need to have in mind while taking up this job.

A very innocent question asked by one of our kids was, is it safe to be a cop? And the answer was satisfactory in every possible manner:“A hero is a hero, no work is safe!”

The session ended and then the question was asked to the crowd, “Who all wants to be a cop?’’ and well, we had hands, both of them in some cases, raised high in the air, full of excitement.








Then came up to the stage an anchor, who enthralled the kids and zipped up their enthusiasm, made them realize “how great they were”.








Kids had a lot of interaction with the anchor, a lot of questions were asked but the best part was they already knew that being an anchor is not that easy and out of all only one wanted to be in the profession! But this never disheartened them.

Next profession to be showcased was LAW! A young aspiring lawyer took the stage, and spoke to the children about his chosen line of work. He spoke his heart out. He explained in detail how difficult it is for anyone to survive in this world if we had injustice around us. He wanted to share a few cases and much more. The children, meanwhile, were convinced that there was no such thing as evil’s triumph over good. If you are true to yourself, you shall and will win!








Up on stage next was a group of Mood Indigo volunteers, who amazed the kids with some marvelous robotics. A small prototype car model and a bunch full of enthusiastic kids. The deadliest combination ever.








After to hours and a hatful of professions presented, the day drew to a close. The children went back home with aspirations and dreams to look forward to.

PS: A teacher’s job is not that easy either, mind you!

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