Mission: Library, Accomplished! :D




By Janhvi Chakraborty

MAD, being an organization working for education, has been providing education to children, albeit learning some from them too. It was, but, lacking a haven of knowledge.

A library.








MAD Mumbai accomplished constructing this rich source of knowledge on the memorable 23rd of September, 2010 all thanks to the generous hand lent out by ATOS Origin, Mumbai. ATOS has been assisting MAD way back from 2010 and, just as well, is continuing to do so. The man of the moment, HR Vice President Mr. Debi Prasad Das, not only helped make this project a success, but also joyously attended it even though he had flown down from Paris on the very same day!








The presence of representatives from the company such as Zarin Bhathena, Manju D’cunha, Theodline Miranda, Murli Menon and Priyanka Mehta made this event exceptionally pleasant and furthermore deepened its importance. They were welcomed with curious eyes, as the kids at YMCA were busy conjecturing the purpose of the empty racks standing tall in front of them. On encountering the books on the table, they assumed they were going to be entertained with a reading session for the day. Joy transformed to sheer bliss as they realized that the books were here to stay.








As an icing on the cake, the eventful day also happened to be Mr. Das’s birthday and the YMCA and Snehasadan kids who were present at the event, on acknowledging this, greeted his arrival singing birthday songs. An overwhelmed Mr. Das was glad that he carved out the time to be at YMCA for this event.

He inaugurated the first MAD library in Mumbai as he began setting up books of Mother Teresa and Mahatma Gandhi among other eminent personalities. Following suit, the fellow ATOS members also helped set up the books as the kids looked on at the treasure being laid in front of them. A speech of encouragement by Mr. Das regarding the importance of reading and learning and the success that can be achieved from it was received with applauds from the child audience.








As a token of gratitude for bestowing the kids with the much deserved library, four Snehasadan girls performed a self choreographed dance much to the audience’s appreciation. What followed was a comedy stint full of jokes and riddles by one of Snehasadan’s comedians as she brought out some hearty laughter with her innocent silliness.








Every milestone in Make A Difference has helped open new gates of learning in the lives of the kids. The creation of the libraries with books in every MAD teaching center across Mumbai is of course another milestone, by all means an important one. What seemed like a hard pressed goal of reaching a count of 500 books, in all reality, now gleams within reach due to the generous donation made by ATOS.

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