The joy ride to Godrej :D




Written by: Aniket Agrey

This is the best ride that any MAD teacher or any other person could take. Haven’t you heard the phrase:  “joy ride”? Well, this is it. The energy, the stamina, the kind of screams and screeches, the music and the tiredness for days after. This was the placement activity  for the children studying at St Catherine’s, Andheri.









It was to start at around 9 and it did too. I landed up at the location directly, this was my mistake, because I missed all the fun during the ride to the venue.

















‘le story’

It all began with personnel from the Godrej school giving the kids a brief description about ‘mangroves’ and their conservation and a slide show about how these life forms help us in having a safe environment. The kids understood one thing: “if you harm Mother Nature, the same harm would be done to you”.

















The kids were thentaken back to the bus, and a small trip to the nearest mangrove plantation spot was to follow, where they saw the breathing roots, the trees and the other aspects of the same – they had a clear view of the whole of Mumbai from a sky-high tower which was not technically meant for tourists, but for the guards to keep a check on the location!



























Then onward to the highlight of the day: the factory visit. Unfortunately, the children could not be taken to the soap factory since it was right next to chemical factory and we all know the government rules about children and chemicals; not the obvious combination.









We went inside the gate, then the office, and then to everybody’s delight, the food court. We had Chinese; the kids hogged while 8 volunteers fought with them to get some!

Everyone was busy with the tiny A4 size piece of paper, scribbling, glue spilling, paper bits here and there, as an Origami session followed. Where there are kids there is a mess. Not that anybody is complaining. They made and gave it to us; that was the best part.

















































On behalf of the MAD team, thank you Mr. Abhik for helping us arrange this wonderful trip. The kids had one ball of a time!

After all, a ride is a ride, the joy part is added by your fellow travelers. :D




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