And They Say Weekends Are Supposed To Be Lazy!!!




By Janhvi Chakraborty

Exhilaration reaches its peak every Saturday and Sunday. Why? Because it’s the day we go MAD!

MAD classes are the biggest thing happening in the weekend lives of the MAD volunteers. This weekend however, was a branched out version than the usual crazy one. A bunch of hyper-active kids, over-enthusiastic volunteers and ardent IITians turned St. Catherines and Snehasadan into a nuthouse!

Make A Difference is tying up with  IIT Bombay’s cultural festival Mood Indigo…and before i forget,  did I mention it’s Asia’s biggest college festival?  This year Mood Indigo is supporting our organisation as a part of their social initiative and together we have launched SPARSH!

Sparsh is an initiative proposing to bring about a sustainable change in the lives of not just our kids but also the other kids who are depived of  so many beautiful things in life…AND WE ARE HERE TO GIVE THEM A DREAM…A DREAM TO FLY…A DREAM TO TOUCH THE SKY :) It will be a series of events throughout the months of Septmeber, October, November and December.


2 placement activities. 2 centers. 2 days. Infinite insanity.

Day 1, Center: St. Catherines

St. Catherines had their placement activity conducted on the Saturday of the 24th September, 2010. Anticipation, anxiety and impatience were running through the veins of the kids at St.  Catherines as they took seats in the hall waiting for the day’s surprise to be disclosed. Enquiries and investigation were at its peak as the kids began asking us MAD volunteers what was in store for them.

The entrance of the IITians was met with curious eyes as the kids were stir-crazy for the curtains of secrecy to rise.









Session 1: Dance Choreography

As Aditya and Samohana (professional choreographers) announced that they were going to choreograph a jive dance for them, the kids with springs on their soles jumped up and started pairing up themselves and were as ready as a man with a mission to moon.

The choreographers were impressed to acknowledge that the kids had a natural talent for dancing and the best dancers were asked to present their dance routines on the stage. Notorious faces and silly moves followed as the song “eena meena deeka” was being choreographed.









Session 2: Origami

The next session was taken by our beloved enthusiastic IITians Mehul Jain and Nikita Ramteke, who gave the kids a lesson or two in origami. Groups were set up, with each MAD volunteer and IIT volunteer being assigned to a group of 6 kids to be their mentors and guide them in case they needed any help. Creative as the kids are, they succeeded in making top notch beautiful parrots and Jewellery boxes while, of course, leaving us volunteers totally swamped.

















Session 3: Flex Painting

“Jack of all and King of none”, haven’t we all heard this. And of course it does hold true, as long as you are standing outside the gates of a MAD center. The kids here not only try their hand at everything but are also pretty good at it! And the flex painting session proved that!

Being introduced to simple but impressive techniques of using potato slices and Okras as stamps, the kids jumped the gun and started stamping all over the flex showing off their skills as usual. The happiness that spreads across their faces whenever they are given bottles of color is heavenly to look at. Engrossed in creating what seems like a Picasso painting, the kids moved on to using hand prints to give artistic touches to their masterpieces.

An infectious smile and satisfaction was spread across every person present in the Catherines hall, we volunteers were overwhelmed for being able to gift the kids with this day and the kids were ecstatic for having a day which was all and only about them having crazy maddening fun.

Well that was just one day. It’s not easy to treat MAD people, you know.


















Day 2, Center: Snehasadan

And another batch of MAD people were  waiting at Snehasadan on Sunday, 25th of September, 2010. Waiting and wondering who was going to come to their center, so they can harass them to the core.

Session 1: Pottery

Plans of harassment were ditched as soon as a guy entered with a potter’s wheel in his hand. The descendants of Sherlock Holmes began introspecting and the prattling turned into a huge commotion, almost like a parliament meeting, as the kids started air designing their choices of pot styles.

An hour of complete hullabaloo was spread across the room as the kids, one by one, presented their own designs and colors and also helped and advised their fellow classmates on the same while also pointing out about the deep significance of the color red being coupled with blue. It was spectacular to see how each and every pot structure and color was completely unique.

























Session 2: T-Shirt Painting

The next session involved what the kids love with all of their lives. Colors! T-shirt painting was started off with no instructions at all.

Colors were handed out to the kids and they had the liberty to paint any design or pattern and speak their mind through the colors. Obviously, the designs were simply spectacular. Innovation was at its peak as one girl used leaves to create beautiful prints while another girl used hand prints to make animal figures.

















































Session 3: Flex Painting

The last session was another round of flex painting, another round of madness, another round of overwhelming emotions.

Satisfaction was doing rounds in the minds of both IIT and MAD volunteers as we left the centers leaving behind smiling faces and overjoyed notorious angels with hearts so full of joy that most certainly even a drop of despair had no place left for itself. :D :D :D


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  1. Kunal Golani says

    Brilliantly written Janhvi..:D
    These 2 days were brilliant. Wait for more. Because we don’t stop here ;)

  2. Manishbhusal says

    I got really excited on reading this blog.The different number of activites that children get to do with MAD volunteers  is definitely what impressed me alot.

  3. Manishbhusal says

     The range of different activities that MAD volunteers are providing is really impressing.

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