Princesses in the golden town!




It’s said that “One he who owns all the jewels is the richest”. That being the case, there’s a recent change to the list of the richest in the world; our beloved kids from Snehsadan being right up there. And how did this miracle happen? It was a mere cakewalk for our little Maddies.

Our super awesome placements activity did the trick; MAD in association with Dear Imagination and AIESEC held a jewellery making session for these MAD struck girls.








The girls at Snehsadan were very excited when they realized that they will learn to make jewellery and VERY IMPATIENT TOO! All set to be seated and get the materials required in their hands, these little princesses were all set to create their own jewel kingdom.








Anaka from Dear Imagination started the session by telling them nice stories about the kings and the queens, taking them back to the wonder world and getting them all charged up for the activity. Soon they were distributed the materials and all the girls looked at each piece with so much thrill that they could not wait for the workshop to start.








Listening to the minutest detail given by Anaka didi and doing it simultaneously was so much fun for them. They made all sorts of bracelets and necklaces from paper and sparkles. “These little angels are really awesome, they can actually turn paper into gold”, said Anaka.








Efforts were on by every girl in the room to make her own design the best. On the faces of these little girls was a cute smile every time they added a new paper pearl in their bracelet and all they could ask Pari Didi was “How is it looking now didi?”








We were both surprised and happy to see the creativity of these girls. The big jewellery designers might just get a strong competition now!!!








A perfect experience any girl could ever have…It is like making your own way to heaven! It was not just these girls who enjoyed the experience. I had only hear of MADness. This time I lived it…LOVED IT!!! :)

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