The Day our Kids learned to Dream BIG!



Written by Sunil

“Today’s dreams are the seeds of tomorrow’s reality”

There was something strange happening in Hyderabad – suddenly the employees of the corporate offices (who are referred to as ‘mad’ by their colleagues) stopped doing their work and started browsing the net for information about geology and anthropology. They went round to the fancy dress renting shops, renting out costumes of rock stars and astronauts.

Some of them were called ‘mad’ by their parents for getting their vehicle engine removed. The employees of Oracle Hyderabad started taking classes from primary school teachers on ‘How to control a class?”.

What’s happening in Hyderabad?

Well. It was all just ‘Madsters’ working out relentlessly for their placement activity in association with Oracle.

The Event Day:
It was Sunday morning and I had to keep 3 to 4 alarm clocks under my pillow to wake up early, but thanks to a good ol’ scoldings from Mom, I woke  up by 8:00 and then started rushing towards Boy’s Home Lalapet where the placement activity was being held.

By the time I had reached there, it was almost 10:00 and already all the hyper-enthusiastic Oracle volunteers had come and were waiting for the event to begin.

So, finally we started the event at around 10:30 or so. Event started off with the screening of the movie Iron Man. The kids thoroughly enjoyed the movie (kudos to Amogh for getting us the Telugu version of the movie).

As the kids were engrossed in watching the movie we, the MADsters, with the help of Oracle volunteers, were busy setting up our stalls.

All of us had setup our respective stalls by the time the kids finished their movie and we all assembled for lunch. Then after having lunch we all went straightaway to our stalls and discussed once again our plans with the Oracle volunteers, who were to talk to the kids about various career options and how to get into them, which were displayed at different stalls.

Then the kids started coming to the stalls in groups of six and were having small interactive session of about 10 minutes with the Oracle volunteers at each stall about the career options and then moving onto the next stall. Some of the Oracle volunteers and our MADsters, in order make things more interesting for the children, were indeed wearing the costumes related to their stall and also some of them had also brought  interactive tools such as vehicle engines and building plans (in order explain such a thing as enggineering).

Within an hour or so, the kids finished their tour of all the stalls and also handouts regarding each stall were given to the them. Then some gifts were distributed  by the Oracle Employees to the children, greetings were exchanged and we were all about to leave.

As we were leaving,  I went to a group of children playing asked them what they wanted to become, and then  one of them said that he wanted to become an engineer, another one replied that he wanted to become an Army Officer and another guy an Astronaut.

Unable to withstand my curiosity I asked them: “How they would become what they want to?” And each one of them started telling me their plans on how to achieve their goals.

At that moment I realized that on that day, we had given our children dreams. Let’s hope that they’ll strive to make it reality.



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  1. Ashutosh Lal says

    Dear MAD Team,

    As always its so inspiring to see the fierce determination of Team MAD and the children!!!

    I am reminded of my brief stint, some one should be able to tell me – how can I contribute from this far a distance….

    Nonetheless, Gud wishes to the Team …keep rocking … we can and definetly we shall …Make ‘The’ Difference !!!

    Ashu from Kiev

  2. Amogh says

    Hey  Sir,
    thank you for all your good wishes !!! Read your comment on the blog and all i can say is that we need all the support we can get. You will be glad to know that Cochin has recently got permission to take their children to an Airforce station there !! The volunteers are super psyched about the event. I still remember our visit vividly and am sure the kids do too. We at Hyderabad might get permission to take our kids to an Army cant sometime this year. A lot of our kids are interested in the forces and hopefully this interest will lead them there.Always a pleasure hearing from you Sir. Hope your having fun. Please give my regards to Maam as well.Take care,

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