Little Scientists in MAD’s backyard!

“Science is good for our brains”

Don’t believe me? You better, because the above are the words of a sapient, bright-eyed MAD boy from St.Francis. That’s where MAD and its placement team were on Saturday, 3rd of August, 2011 for a placement activity.









Bated breath and impatient eagerness was visible as the Francis boys observed Vibhor Bhatnagar setting up the equipment for a backyard science session. As usual, getting the kids to settle down in their places is like holding sand in a teacup during a sandstorm.

But the kids, curious to know the purpose of the glass filled with stones placed in front of them, were at the ready for Vibhor to ask them for opinions.  From explaining  about matter pattern he moved on to the next experimental venture of explaining the omnipresence of gas.

There was a subtle intention of showing a “magic” trick to the kids about how a tissue in a glass inserted in a bucket of water does not get wet, but little did we know that Francis boys are nimble little scientists who have mastered some tricks and also know the science behind it.









While explaining to them how gas replaces water when water is emptied from a bottle, he showed both slow occupancy of gas causing visible bubbles and fast occupancy by whirling the bottle. On querying the kids about why no bubbles are visible on whirling it, pat comes a reply, “the bottle is empty that’s why.”











The string phone experiment turned all the kids into jumping jacks as each one wanted to perform it.

It is fascinating how not just the kids, but we too, relate candles with birthdays. Of course, the experiment of oxygen supporting combustion was welcomed by the birthday song as soon as the candle was lighted.











Did you know a windmill is smarter than a ceiling fan? Yes it is! That’s what the boys said when asked why windmills generate electricity but ceiling fans utilize them. The boys, perfectly aware of the concept of solar energy, also happen to be proud consumers of the same. Here’s one centre of MAD which is definitely going green!









The bustling backyard science session was an out and out success judging from the right on enthusiasm and zest it received from the students.









On covering the nine experiments, it was evident that the session, apart from being top notch, was also well received after one student expressed his gratitude thus:  “Thank you for the session. Science is good for our brain.”


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  1. Ruchi says

    This is what placements is all about! exposing them to various options they didn’t know existed!

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