Step Up – The Make A Difference Edition!



Before you head for your skull-caps and knee-caps and start playing gangsta music, nope, this one has nothing to do with dance.

It has to do more with the subtle, yet graceful art of – WALKING!

Yep, you heard me! If you’re in Bangalore on Sunday, the 4th of September, head on over to Cubbon Park at 7 a.m.

What for, you ask? To participate in MAD Steps, MAD’s first ever Walkathon!

Ah, yes. You have questions, I’m sure. Let’s see if they can’t be answered.

Why a Walkathon?

Walkathons have acted as mediums of change and have helped increase awareness about social issues since the time of their inception. In fact, the first known walkathon was held in 1953 so as to raise awareness about cancer in Puerto Rico.

Where do I come?

The walk starts on 4th September, at Cubbon Park. It will be a 5.2 km walk in and around Cubbon park.

Starting Point – Near Civil Division 
Terminating point – Century Club

But wait, who else is attending MAD Steps?

Anyone, absolutely anyone who wants to make a difference, is welcome to participate! All you have to do is register on the spot by paying a token amount of Rs. 50.

Accompanying you on the walk will be MAD’s own volunteers: the most pleasant company you’ll find in Bangalore! :D

So why are you folks doing MAD Steps anyhow?

Well, if you’re reading this, then you know what MAD does. To teach the kids we work with, we need to raise funds for books, overhead costs and the such. THAT is what MAD Steps is for. Everyone might not have the time to volunteer. But everyone has the time to walk 5.2 kms on a Sunday!

Awesome. So what else is left to be done, then?

NOW you’re talking! Well:

1. Find the event page here. Show some support won’t you?

2. Tell every single friend, family and foe of yours about MAD Steps and get them to participate.

3. Set the alarm for 5 a.m. on Sunday!


Alrighty then. Pull on your sneakers, grab your walking stick, plug in your headphones and step outside!
Together, you and I Make A Difference. One small step at a time! :D



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