Some Broken Ice and After-effects..

By Soumya Samal

We, the teacher volunteers, with our perceptions and pre-conceived ideas intact went on to embark on a two hour fun filled, ice breaking journey. However the experience in itself is too overwhelming to be verbally explained.

The ice-breaking sessions or preliminary interactions were held on the 6th and 7th of August, 2011 in 12 centres across the city. It involved over 120 volunteers and 250 kids.

On the personal front, I was apprehensive. Why? The thought of not being accepted did cross my mind a lot of times. I had absolutely no idea that this self-created myth would be busted the minute I entered Sannahitha Girls Home (Park Lane, Secunderabad).

The extent to which love and respect were showered left me feeling overtly special. ‘Special’ would be an understatement though. I count myself among the lucky few for whom this would always remain a memory to cherish.

The fact of the matter is that I am not the only one sailing on this boat. A few other crew members were equally surprised, stumped and spell-bound.

“There is every reason to be proud and happy. The kids loved the time they spent with us. I was speechless with the love they have shown. I just realized what was missing in my life. I am sure many share a similar feeling”, believes Spurti Preetham, teacher volunteer, State Home, Ameerpet.

“Awesome weekend full of MADness. At the Ice Breaker in HCHW Alkapoor Tolichowki center, the kids were so energetic and talented (many singers , dancers and actors ). Enjoyed the balloon game (the violent one) , Radha Krishna and Dance with all kids and volunteers on “Thumbs Ups .. elbows apart .. tudipa tudipa tudipa,” says Gaurav Tamrakar, teacher volunteer, HCHW Alkapoor, Tolichowki center.

“Thanks to the wonderful MADsters in our group and ofcourse the stars of the day, kids of Aadarana,Malakpet. I really wanted to spend some more time with the kids. We did a couple of activities from singing, dancing, playing kho-kho, short-tall tree game,  statue game,  jumping,  somersault and what not. The funny part is most of these games were a little unorganised. However that’s what actually MADE the difference at the icebreakers. The fun, the love and warmth!!! I just can’t seem to find words for.To sum it up,the day was WONDERFUL. Thank you MAD!!” said Rose Merlyn, teacher volunteer, Aadarana, Malakpet.

“Sannihita girls home was full of energetic, enthusiastic and welcoming little girls. Everyone was ready to dance, play and sing and make you do the same. I hadn’t planned many games thinking that since they were girls, they wouldn’t open up. The idea was to make them feel comfortable. At the end of the day we played only one game since the kids were busy entertaining themselves and us. We didn’t realise when it all started and when it came to an end. The kids are eagerly looking forward to our next visit. I had a fantastic time after five months, realized how much I missed kids all this time,” says Vijaya Poojitha Ganapathiraju, teacher volunteer and POC, Sannahitha Girls Home, Park Lane, Secunderabad.

The above reactions have been taken from the MAD Hyderabad page. Well…it is needless to say that many of us were blown away by this new found experience. Regardless of our back ground and thought process, there is a part of us or a side to us that lies dormant. Maybe now I can take the liberty to say that, that side of our personality is alive, awake and kicking.

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