The Super Fun Camp

NOTE: This post does not carry photos in it as photography is prohibited at Government Girls Home (GGH).

As they say, ‘the smile on a kid’s face is more precious than anything’, it may sound very cliched, but if you were present at GGH on Sunday you would’ve known how true those words were even if they sound cliché.

I arrived at GGH while the girls were having their very noisy ice-breaker. Their Art of Living session was over and the girls were in the mood for some fun.

And fun they had at their impromptu talent fest which had them singing, dancing and even mimicking a baby’s cry (trust me, it was good).

Then the girls had a career guidance talk on how to become a teacher by Remadevi Ma’am, who is the proud mother of a fellow Maddie.

This was followed by a spontaneous mini fashion show by the girls. What can I say, except that, Priyanka Chopra, you’ve got competition!

Then we had one of our very own Mad volunteers, Ramu ,  explain Child Rights to the girls with the help of movies!

After lunch we had a drawing workshop by Vipin Raphel. I hope you noticed the ‘we’ in the previous sentence because we, the volunteers too participated in the workshop.

Then the girls had a sensitization programme on puberty which was again conducted by Mad volunteer, Janaky Saraswaty.

Finally,we wrapped up by a session in music by yet another Mad volunteer, Antony Sebastian, during which I learnt ‘In the Jungle’ (yeah, Pat & Stan!).

With the sessions out of their way, the girls began their second and unplanned talent fest with renewed energy. And that’s when I left, because saying goodbye after a mega-successful camp is not easy! Don’t you agree?

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