Announcing: Tour de Difference!

So. Tell me. How far WILL you go to Make A Difference?

For a few of our volunteers, the magic number is 4240.

4240 Kilometers that is.

Presenting (hopefully the first of many) Tour de Difference.

A team of five, comprising of four cyclists, from the Mangalore chapter of Make A Difference will be doing a South India tour of chapters ON CYCLES during the months of August and September!

Why? To raise enough funds to support the MAD Mangalore chapter and to generally spread the MAD word around!

The tour which starts on August 7th, which will take 48 days to complete, will finish at Mangalore, the starting point, on September 23rd.

Find tour map here.

The team will be passing through the cities of Mangalore, Mumbai, Pune, Hyderabad, Vijayawada, Chennai, Vellore, Bangalore, Mysore, Coimbatore, Thiruvananthapuram and Cochin.

So. Are you in one of these cities? Have you always wanted to Make A Difference? Fancy yourself as a bit of a cyclist? Don’t cycle  much, but want to support them folks who are doing it anyhow?

We hear you, and we want you to participate! 


1. At every city, our cyclists will stop-over for a day and visit one of the centers where MAD teaches. Come on over, and sign ‘THE WALL’ to show our cyclists that you DO care. OR. (More details will be announced on the event page)

2. Dust that old cycle of yours, buy yourselves some energy drink and pedal with our cyclists for a short distance. (How short? We’ll leave that up to you.) OR.

3. Wanna pedal a bit more than ‘a short distance’? Awesome! The more the merrier, as they say! Just drop in a mail to and tell us which leg you want to do.

So then. Scroll down below, find the stop-over date for your city, take out that calendar of yours and cancel all appointments on that day.

You and I, we have to go places! :D

Stop-over dates for cities:

Mumbai: August 15; Pune: August 17; Hyderabad: August 23; Vijayawada: August 27; Chennai: September 1; Bangalore: September 5; Mysore: September 7; Coimbatore: September 10; Thiruvananthapuram: September 16; Cochin: September 19; Mangalore: September 23.

PS: Coming soon on the MAD Blog: Meet the men and women who made TdD happen!

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