Rediscovering parks at PVR


A large public garden or area of land used for recreation. Definition of the noun ‘park’, by the Oxford English Dictionary.
A park is a common place where people go to walk, play, or catch the sun. It’s normally a playground for younger children. A common definition, by a common man.
But is it really that today? Do we really go to parks for recreational purposes? Do kids really play in parks? Or are video games the new ‘it’?

The ‘My City, My Parks’ initiative, launched by PVR Nest and Walt Disney, is aimed at answering just that.

And so we got ready to experience it for ourselves.
June 10, 2011.
We lined up our boys at PVR Anupam, Saket, got them seated, and were nervously waiting for the program to start. Having been given the opportunity to interpret the importance of parks in our own way, our kids had decided to do it through a mime act! So, the ‘final’ last minute preparations were just about done, the boys ready, and the volunteers all excited.

Inaugurating the program, the chief guest, Mr. Sohail Hashmi, an environment expert, shared his experiences of the changes in the quality and quantity of parks, how their presence is vital for a balanced ecosystem and how the generation of today can play a major role in the conservation of parks.

Inspired, all the children present from diverse community schools shared their views through poems, speeches and songs. And then it was the turn of our kids.

Studying about deforestation, over-utilisation of resources and their ill-effects in our Geography classes is one thing, but seeing that depicted through a mime act, is another! A simple message, a reminder bell, to wake us all up!

Packing it in a humorous form, Upstage theatre group took it one step forward, highlighting the relevance of parks in a child’s life and motivating them all to ‘go out and play’ instead of sitting at home ‘glued to the video games’. After all, laughter is the best medicine. And it definitely works!

Screening of ‘short-green-films’ made by school students made the impact only stronger. Touching upon various environmental concerns, these films connected with the audience showing how small steps can bring a big difference and keep our cities clean and green. Concluding the program, Cineart Nature Film by PVR Nest and Moser Baer was the cherry on the top.

In the end, when we saw our kids discussing and debating on what they had just seen, we knew that the first step had been taken. The big changes would soon follow!

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    People go to parks to enjoy and make there self feel better when its bored. This is a great tip given here an what is going on in the parks now a days. It has become a place for the bad peoples.

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