The first day with the Rainbow girls

By Nish Nishad

What would you name this feeling…?

When you find sweet little kids gathering around you, calling you “akka” (sister),  try starting a conversation with you in spite of you being  a total stranger to them!!
The moment when a little girl holds your hand up and takes you around the place.. Give you the tour, without leaving out any detail, with unmeasured concern and heart-felt love.
What would you name this feeling… When it is just the first day that you meet them and when it’s time to go,they gather around you and say “akka repu kuda come”.
When said that what the said wasn’t understood they try, and manage to  say “akka please come tomorrow!”
How could anyone name such a feeling? Well I can’t.!
I’m not any good writer and can’t seem to find the right adjectives. All I can say is that it was just an overwhelming, profound and moment; the sort which you cherish forever.
This was my first day at MAD: June the 26th 2011 at rainbow home.. and boy was it great!
A day had such an abrupt start with some crazily given route maps. I finally landed up at this ‘pink mansion’ wondering what’s it gonna be like? I was here to take a test for “Kids”..!! And I have never handled kids.
A task which needs tons of patience (of which I believe I have none!)
I was guided through the home and into a very radiant and delightful library! I was made so really comfortable that I felt I was some where in a place very well known. Guess who my guide was??  A mincingly pretty, sweet and cute little angel of the home.
Then it  was time  for conducting the test! We might have been the “testers” but it was actually we who were tested! Kids always surprise you and awe you by the way they try to get their things done!
“Akka your dress is very nice…is this correct ???” asked one with a sparkling smile! “Akka, this anna is bad he not saying anything. You are good please tell!!” said another smart one!
We were done with the test and scoring and it was time to leave. When I said bye to the little princesses who were already busy watching some movie on TV, many of them got up ran towards us and said “akka come tomorrow please”
My heart lurched wasn’t just a statement.. Felt like there was so much more to it..
I reached home with a happy heart.. I sighed as I retired to sleep for I’m blessed to have spet my time with the angels of God!


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  1. nish says

    this wasn’t just written it was just the whole emotion poured into it :) 

  2. mkm faiyaz ahmed says

    I just felt for this blog   :)…….Rainbow Girls Home is a wonderful experience :)

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