Super Sunday Seminar Successful!!!

19th June 2011. The most energetic  placement activity I have ever witnessed (been to only one so far) was the one delivered by  EcoCentric and the kids from the Shishuvan school. For the first time in my life, I wanted an activity hosted by an NGO to go on beyond those two hours. It was a marvelous experience to have had.


As usual I reached late :P, the play which told the MAD kids about garbage disposal and recycling, had already started. The kids who acted were no less than professionals; cute yet elegant.

The MAD kids had their eyes hooked on the performers. I felt so great that we, MAD, are nurturing such wonderful kids.


A little bit about the play. A very short and sweet play by the EcoCentric kids group. There was even a part where the aliens invade and a part where the humans evolve and understand that they have to save their planet. There was a twist too. A small musical, which was a surprise for all of us, was added.


As the time passed by, there were  more surprises given by the Shishuvan kids and then by our MAD kids. There was a bit of gymnastics, a bit of dancing to Bollywood numbers.

Along with all this the fun, message of  how we can save the environment was conveyed. Career opportunities as guardians of the environment was also discussed afterward. Apart from all this, there were discussions about other careers such as journalism, photo journalism and engineering. This was not part of the plan.

Everything good has to come to an end; this time it was on a musical note. The Shishuvan kids gave our MAD kids a few rhymes and a few new dance moves and lot of enlightening facts about our world.

Hope these fun days never ends. Super Sunday Seminar Successful. Thanks to our president and a wonderful core team and lovely volunteers.


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