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Written  by: Trupti Abhyankar :)

‘Classes beginning only after July 14th’, I read, and my heart sank. Just this morning, I’d spent a good hour telling my mom why I wouldn’t be able to make it to some wedding during the last weekend of June. And then this happens.

Not like I don’t like weddings, no, I mean there’s free food and all (coming from me, it IS a big deal, alright?) but I’d much rather be cooped up in a classroom with 15 energetic, hyperactive, adorable kids with their heads bobbing in enthusiasm and big grins on their faces (completely genuine as opposed to the poser-ish smiles I’d have to endure at that wedding).

And then the online conversations began:

“You’re at Catherine’s this year too, right?”

“Damn, no Agnel this year!”

“Why?? Why on earth isn’t she continuing?”

“Man, first thing I’m going to do is hug each of my kids and tell them how much I missed them.”

I admit, and that too shamefully, that I haven’t been involved with a lot of MADness in my city after classes ended. But these conversations brought the MADNess alive and I realized how deeply ingrained this MADness is. Like a childhood habit that refuses to wear off. Or like the song that simply does not leave your head. MADness isn’t something you can measure, it’s in your spirit, in the thousand odd memories you’ve created for yourself, the million more that you will create.


Whoa! This July, I’ll begin my 3rd year in MAD. From someone who was TERRIFIED, and I mean it, of teaching (not kids in particular, just teaching), to someone who can walk up to her dad (a teacher for over 25 years of his life) and say ‘Now I know what you meant when you said there’s nothing more rewarding than teaching”, I think I’ve come a long way. No, this post isn’t about what I look forward to every Saturday. . I already wrote about that last year.

This is about the fond memories of the past two years. Walking into my first ever MAD center after I no longer taught there and being made to answer questions like “So you left us ‘coz we troubled you?” “We never meant to, Miss” “Will you come back if we swear to become good girls?”, “We miss you.”

I was in tears. Or like the time I jumped for joy when Gauri, the shyest of my kids got up, answered and answered without a single mistake. In flawless English.

These moments  make me look at the smallest joys of life through a magnifying glass.

We’ve all had that proud MADdie feeling once a while. My proudest moment so far? “You have lived up to the name of your organization. Our kids love learning, all because of you all.” – Sr. Blanche (St. Catherine’s School) said this to us, and it made the MADness worthwhile.

While the world continues to have its ups and downs, while love and hate continue to make and break, each one of us at MAD rejoices and relishes the things what we yearn for – A Purpose for Life, Inner peace and most importantly, Unconditional Love. He who gives, receives, and that, for all of us is more than true.

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  1. Karthikreddy2 says

    Brilliant post Trupti!
    My center just closed and I keep wondering how my kids are doing,about their latest misadventures and I do agree with you about their unconditional love.It’s immense.

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