MAD ride to RadioCity..

So…I’m supposed to be writing a blog on our first placements activity!!! Yuppie!! Yeah even I am excited (my first year into a mad MAD ride).

Guess, where we took the kids?

To Radio city 91.1 FM station!

As I started from home, there was a sense of excitement as this was even my first ever visit to a radio station. Rushed from my place, hoping not to be late but finally, I reached as per the Hyderabadi time (officially late). Waiting for the bus to arrive, me, Vasudha and Pratima interacted with the kids, explained them about the radio-station and its working and yes, these kids surely beat me on the excitement scale.

As the bus arrived, Divya and Sai Krishna joined us, and with about 35 kids from Sannihita girls center, off we rode to Radiocity 91.1fm office in Banjara Hills.

We arrived at our destination and were greeted by Mr. Vishnu. We hastily divided the kids into two groups, and Mr. Vishnu was very kind to show our kids around. He explained how the wide-band FM and modern digital radio systems aka the radio shacks worked.

The radio-advertisement operating guy explained how the ads are aired during a live telecast.

The kids had the opportunity to experience a live radio show, watching the RJ interact and understand what goes on behind the curtains during a perfect radio show. The girls were enthusiastic and even got to record a song, which I must say, I am a tiny bit jealous of because I never got to do that in my childhood.

We were shown around the office, the cabinets, and the conference room (the kids were fascinated on seeing a projector).

And as we were about to leave, a girl asked me “Akka, can we stay for some more time?” and I wish I could say “Surely” because even I started to like the radio city office a lot!!!

But, I was certain that one day one of our girls will become a Radio Jockey (ohhh…yes, they can talk, talk and talk) and on that note, we left the radio city 91.1 fm office, thanking them for their kindness and generosity and really looking forward for more such awesome activities.


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