Written by Prithvishree Ravindra
(With inputs from Supraja Subramaniam a.k.a Suppu and Dinesh RP a.k.a Dinu)

For most of us, 8th of May was one of the rare Sundays when we woke up way before the clock striking 11. But we all had a smile on our face when waking up. We had been looking forward to spending the day with kids from FIT Home, Marnamikatte on the 8th May, 2011.



The Camp kicked off to an early start with Yashaswini and Greeshma having a yoga session with the kids in Marnamikatte at 6.30 a.m. The rest of us volunteers who woke up on time made it to the Prajna Counselling Centre (Venue for the camp) by 930 awaiting the arrival of the kids.

As the yoga session concluded, the kids started arriving at the centre. The kids were like sunshine lighting up the room. As we were waiting for the rest of the kids and the not-so-early volunteers to come, our Madness kicked in and we started spraying colours on the posters we made to fill up the walls. We coined the name “MADgalore Camp”.










Once everyone arrived, we sat down to pray. Vignesh a.k.a Viggy gave the kids a little peek-a-boo into the day we had lined up for them. We all got up to sing ‘ When you’re happy and you know it, clap your hands’. Even the quietest of kids started to open up and groove to the song. Towards the end, we realised how uncoordinated we were… but hey…we were having a blast anyway! Clap clap…Stomp Stomp…Hello… (Turn around).



















We started our fun activities with Dinesh and Akshay teaching the kid’s basic shading with 4B and 6B pencils. The kids turned out to be really good at it. That was not all. We had another fun Art activity lined up! The kids were made to fill the page with random colours using oil pastels, then coat the entire chart paper with black paint, after which they used toothpicks to carve out any designs they liked.

The kids did an excellent job… and boy! It looked awesome! You really have to try this out, if you haven’t already! All the drawings looked so colourful and vibrant!


After the arts session, we had Tamchos showing the kids some of his cool card and coin tricks. In the middle of it, few of us had to go to the grocery store. But when we returned, the kids couldn’t stop telling us about their new found magic skills. They were extremely excited. As the ‘magic’ session was coming to an end, the kids had gotten a hang of the card tricks! So much so that they figured out the last trick even before Tamchos taught them.

As it was already 1230, we thought the kids would be very hungry. But the kids were enjoying the session so much, that they didn’t realise it was lunch time! We played the movie ‘Baby’s day out’ and served lunch and juice (Courtesy: Vishal B and Nikita B) and the strawberry sundaes. (Courtesy: Kevin Santhosh)

The movie session, though, was interrupted by a power cut! But Supraja kept us all occupied with the crafts session. She taught us to make what all girls love- jewellery!! She taught us to make beads out of paper and add sparkle to them, then turn it into earrings, necklaces, bracelets!

The kids and volunteers were excited alike! And after making the jewellery, all the kids tried it on themselves and went around and showed all their friends what they had made. This session was just… AWESOME!!

The power came back and kids finished watching the movie. Everyone loved the gorilla scene and the bad guys getting beaten up!

We couldn’t leave them without a dance session, now could we? Apurva made them dance to ‘Aaja Nachle’. All the girls were in awe and kept asking her how she was able to do all the jhatkas so well!

A little later, Keerthi and Gayathri taught them few steps from a semi-classical dance. The kids loved the dance and pulled the volunteers who were seated to come and dance along with them. The kids picked up the steps so fast and taught us!

At the end of it, we had a free-style dance session and everyone again went totally MAD! The Sunday was coming to an end…and how we wish it didn’t have to end so soon! After evening snacks and juice (Courtesy: Sreekanth), we all said our byes to our children.









When the kids come to you and tell you that they had a great time and ask you to come again, it does touch your heart, doesn’t it? Thus we concluded the session, glad to be the reason of their smiles and the sparkle in their innocent eyes. But looking back, last Sunday, their enthusiasm was infectious. They brought smiles on our face with their innocence, and its they who MADE A DIFFERENCE to us :)

A big thank you to all the kids for allowing us to be one among them and enjoy their world.

Clap clap… stomp stomp…Hello… (Turn around)

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  1. Dineshrp2008 says

    Prithvi, an awesome job u did, kudos for this article and the photo placements were awesome

  2. Dineshrp2008 says

    and to be specific the paint that we used to coat the oil pastels was poster paint other types wont get scratched off

  3. Karthik says

    fantastic !! the paintings look really colorful and so is MAD ….rocking :)

  4. Elsamatts says

    “When you’re happy and you know it, clap your hands” i love this song. its wonderful what you guys are doing.. its made a difference in me today.

  5. Octavia V Roeder says

    Really great that you conducted this! I’m sure all the girls enjoyed it a lot! 

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