Ice Breaker with Snehabavan Kids

A warm afternoon welcomed the newly recruited volunteers at Snehabhavan. This session between the newbies and the kids of Snehabhavan was intended to familiarize the former with our kids and a typical MAD centre’s ambiance.

The new volunteers interacted with the kids through a painting competition by coordinating the same. The kids were asked to make a portrait of anything they see in Snehabhavan.

The paintings could be done in water-colours as well as crayons. The kids were provided with crayons, colours, pencils and sheets. We got an array of creative palettes with valuable strokes of art from our gems showcasing their wonderful talents.

The painting competition was followed by a football match between the volunteers and the kids of which our kids emerged the winners.

According to one of our old volunteers this is the first time that the margin of scores between the kids and the volunteers is less: 2-1 :-D.

Overall it was a fun filled session for both the kids and the volunteers. The winners of the painting competition have already been declared and the prize winning paintings will be displayed at our next photo-exhibition in Cochin. These painting, made by our own kids, will be the new face of  MAD in Cochin.

By Kavya Pankaj

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