Looking back with a smile..

Written by: An “AGNEL FAN” :)

Lying down on my bed at 2am, there was darkness in the room with only 1 small bulb smiling towards me. Everything was in place like always, but that night I couldn’t understand what was NOT so perfect or I could say without any reason I could feel some butterflies in my stomach.

I felt uneasy and decided to get up and make a coffee for myself and then sat down in front of the laptop.

Like always I landed up on Facebook and decided to check up on what was happening with MAD. Somehow the weird feeling inside me was growing.

I think I know it now. I saw the blog which had some pictures of my kids. Looking at them I got my answer of what exactly was making me nostalgic. Flashes of those memories started coming up, the times when I used to go to Bandra every Thursday to teach them. I think Thursdays were both the BEST and the WORST days of my life. I remembered how we used to reach there and call all of them so that we could make them study.


When I look back I can still feel the spark of those moments. I used to be so happy when Omkar used to come up to me and say “miss ap unki class me mat jao, humari class me padhao” and I used to reply “Omkar I will not listen to you till the time you don’t say this whole sentence in English” and very sweetly he used to say the whole sentence to bring me back to his class.

Man I was getting goose bumps when I thought about these moments. How difficult it was for us to make them sit in their places and start with the day’s lesson…huff. And they were so smart, MY GOD!!! I think they knew ALMOST everything.

I still remember that playing football in the rains, getting wet, running up and down the stairs, scolding them in class, the fun filled moments, the walk from the school to the Balbhavan after the class, those secret talks and not to forget our unconditional love for each other.

I missed the last day of the class and when I got a call from Smriti saying that the kids want to talk to you, I WAS SO HAPPY. I couldn’t believe that they were actually missing me when they said,”aisa lag raha hai jaise family ka koi ja raha ho”.

Wish I could go back again and meet them, experience all the good and bad times “TOGETHER”. I think TEACHING is only one chapter of the story; they taught us quite a bit and I GREW WITH THEM.

Love you my kids… You were all ANGELS :)

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  1. says

    I would like to say, Whatever i read from this website that is amazing and i really enjoyed each and every post. After reading this post i am also remembering my childhood days.

  2. Gloria Benny says

    @ The Agnel Fan – very well written! Something every MADster can connect too! :)

  3. Sashidhar05 says


  4. Karishma Motwani says

     loved it. :D most of the kids in the pictures are from my class!! missing them loads! :( 

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