Here starts the MADness…

written by: Jasmeet Thind

The main initiative of  MAD is to make a difference, difference to the world. To make this world an educated place! So in this process, MAD, Mumbai arranged a session for the awesome kids of  our most famous centre: the Father Agnel Ashram at Bandra on 12th April,2011.

As a new MAD volunteer this was my first interactive session with the kids, and what a start! Couldn’t have been any better. The session started at 10 am; the main motive was to improve the communication skills these kids possessed.

So all the enthusiastic kids were divided into a group of two for the first activity: they had to interact with their respective partners and speak about each other for two minutes. And really interesting things were spoken about. From their favorite movies to their favorite sportsperson.

But, one thing that astonished me was their ambitions. Ambitions that had no limits. It was an activity filled with loads of fun around.

The second activity really tested their hearing and understanding skills, the kids were divided into a group of certain number and one person from the group was made the Shepard while others were the sheep who were blindfolded. So the Shepard had to give directions and gather all the sheep in one corner. This was an amazing activity, where the kids enjoyed themselves to the core, and they learnt a lot too.

The time spent with these kids was incredible. It was great bonding session with the kids. You just forget everything and mingle with them.

I cannot be more happy about being a part of  MAD. It was a great learning experience for me too. The kids do teach you a lot in return, and that thing cannot be explained, its just this feeling of joy and satisfaction that erupts on meeting them. So the session ended by 12pm, but on my way back from the centre I had this big smile on my face, that lasted a long time.

Can’t wait to meet them again and go MAD!!

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  1. tanvi says

    after looking at the post i wana go back ASAP :( i toh missed the last day as well :(

  2. President Mumbai says

    awsom work jasmeet!! u hav explaind jus d way it was… n i miss d kids 2!!!!!!

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