Celebrating the Good Times with Nursery Rhymes!!

“Very well organized!”
“We will miss the kids…”
“Can’t wait to get back to the classroom.”
“Amazing, is what this was!!”

And that is how Delhi’s Annual Day 2011 concluded.

So, Annual Day…you mean Farewell, right!
No, Annual Day means Annual Day!! We don’t give farewells, ‘coz we don’t believe in bidding goodbyes. If we go MAD once, we.stay.MAD.forever!

Then, what’s Annual Day? It is that time of the year when the kids, the volunteers and their parents, friends, neighbours and basically everyone else who’s smitten by our MADness is invited to be a part of our celebrations; where we look back at the ‘awesome’ year gone by and welcome the ‘even-more-awesome’ year ahead.

Okay so, when was this? April 10, 2011.
Where? Chhatravas, Delhi.
And wait, there was a theme too? Oh yes, back to school! :)


What started off on a slight nervous note (we had our share of technical glitches!!), went on to be a MADtastic evening for all. Be it dressing up as school kids and playing ‘ring-a-ring-a-roses’ or running around trying to grab a ‘musical chair’ on the tunes of ‘twinkle-twinkle’ and ‘baa-baa-black-sheep’, the day had it all.

And now that we were back to school, how could there not be presentations and exercises! PPTs and videos, match-the-following and discussions…all that was required was a head master and a school bell going *trriiing*! :P

From there, we moved to the next period which brought along the ‘cultural show’! A felicitation ceremony for the outgoing core team and a song and dance show by the talented boys from Arya Bal Griha! Chirping like birds on ‘In Panchhiyon’ (Koi Mil Gaya), their ‘singhh ki dahaad’ on ‘Chak Lein De’ (Chandni Chowk to China) amazed one and all!

But how could anything be complete without the now-very-popular nukkad natak – Thoda Sa Samay! And like before, half of the dialogues were lost in the audiences’ applause!! :D

Along with that, the certificates were distributed! =)
The annual day also gave us the opportunity to thank the centre authorities for all the faith they have shown in us and for all the various arrangements they have made for the children and for the volunteers.

Finally, the bell rang…the day was over, and it was time to head home! Saying ‘see you soon’ (see, no goodbyes!! ) to the kids was the toughest part, knowing that it will be some time before we see their smiling faces, before we return to those classrooms and have some more fun! :)

But one thing’s for sure…from the preparation to the execution, it was ‘one hell of a MAD ride’.

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  1. says

    Damn! I have to catch this ‘Thoda sa Samay’ thing one of these days! When’s the next performance scheduled? :D

  2. Vaibhav Rastogi says

    wow!!!! yeah it was indeed “one hell of a MAD ride” for everyone, be it the kids, the volunteers, the volunteer’s parents, friends, donors, center authorities,everyone…!!!
    and yess….”if we go MAD once, we stay MAD forever….!!!!!” So…NO farewells and good-byes, only “see you soon!!” :) :) :)

  3. says

    Really nice post and all of these pictures are really nice. i am waiting for my reply because i have register with this team and i am exited to be a part of this type of team.

  4. says

    You better be a woman of your word Purva.. I’m coming to town in a couple of months. :D

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