MAD Memoirs

*The MAD life through the eyes of a MADdie*

Amidst all the sanity that exists in this world, there was this one mad day when I decided to volunteer with MAD. And that is a day I shall cherish forever.

Welcome to my MAD world; a world where all of us are MADdies, where all of us love to go MAD.

Too maddening? Wait till you see us in action.

It all started when a friend (I shall forever be grateful to you) shared the news of recruitment of candidates for an NGO – Make A Difference.

What do they do?
Teach kids.
Oh! Great.
A shelter home near your place.
Are you kidding! This can’t get better. How do I become a part of it?
Register on the website. Call the president.
Oh my! And say what?
Oh ho! Simple. Say that you would like to be a part. Answer a few questions. Don’t be scared. It’s cool.

Slightly scared, a little excited (I had never done something like this before), I picked up my phone and dialled the number.


And the rest, as they say, is history.

A desire since school days finally got converted to reality. And I stepped into my teaching shoes! The day is still vivid in my memory. A class of 12 girls. Small eager faces. And my thumping heartbeat.

How I wished for everything to go well, for the girls to like me, for the start to be good. And it was. Not just good, but awesome. Because when the next time I went back, I was welcomed with hugs from all ‘my’ girls and that is when I knew I’d be going there every weekend, to make a difference!

Since then, the journey has been spectacular. I soon got the chance to meet the entire city family at the All-Volunteer-Meet. Moreover, being trained by a trainer from the British Council, and that too on Teacher’s Day, I was on cloud nine. And the best part… this was just the beginning!

Every weekend I visited my girls. Every weekend I tried to teach them something new. And every weekend, I learnt something new. The classes did not just have to be about the verbs and the adjectives, about the animals and the seasons, but also about the spirit of playing together, learning together and growing up together.

So now, with MAD a part of my life, and I, a part of MAD, the adventure had begun. And when I was just settling into the system, who decides to visit us? Michelle Obama.

Ya ya, President Obama’s wife! Spending an entire evening with the kids at Mumbai, she danced with them (to Rang De Basanti =P), played hopscotch and left us all inspired to work towards creating a better world for everyone to live in.

And I didn’t even know when, after many placement activities at PVRs and with Google, and celebrating Children’s Day and Christmas with the kids, five months had passed. Really? 2010’s leaving us?

But 2011 started with a bang. The first MAD movie –‘One Hell of a MAD Life’ was released on the first day of the year (seriously, could we have asked for a better beginning? :D). Truly inspiring work; and MADdening enough to make anyone out there Go MAD =)

And all this happened in the course of spending countless number of hours with my kids. We shared each other’s experiences, sometimes created a ruckus in class, but mostly, enjoyed thoroughly. I also remember the day when the girls made cards for my co-teacher on her birthday, making it absolutely a special day. Beautifully coloured and decorated, who knew we had such amazing budding artistes in our classes as well. And so, here I stand today, six months MAD, and ready to go MAD even further!

Ah well, this really is a MAD MAD World. And I am glad to be a part of it.

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  1. Thomaschennattu says

    I really wished if I could be a volunteer in MAD so that I can really Make A Difference..

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