A Taste of Japan for our Kids..!!

The volunteers were supposed to report at AD Bawla at 7am in the morning. All of us reached there, expecting the girls to be sleepy and yawning as it was so early on a Sunday Morning but… Surprise, surprise! Not only were they ready by 6am, but had also had their breakfast and were waiting, all too impatiently, for us to get going.

Their excitement was infectious. We did the head count and were off.

Along with the girls, ten pairs of two each, marching towards the stop like a gang of sisters, we take a bus and then a train. Their mood had set the tone for the day. After a rowdy game of ANTAKSHARI in the train, we got down at the CST station and reached the college.

We were simply amazed by the graffiti on the walls of the building and inside the canteen. Inside the exhibition hall, we saw a collection of beautiful objects created by folding paper – Origami! Fold it. Don’t cut it or stick it. Just fold it!

And there they were – stars, animals, mythical creatures, ornaments, butterflies and even buildings – all made out of paper. The partnership of bright colors and creativity awed the girls and volunteers alike.

Then came the best part – The workshop. We were supposed to do it ourselves. Here was our chance to be the creators of such beautiful artifacts. All of us were given 3 colorful papers to to be folded into a thing of beauty. We created a tumbling toy, a tray and Pinocchio’s nose. Yes, Pinocchio’s nose.

Later, we took a walk around the campus, where the girls had fun, swinging from the branches of a banyan tree. Not that we kept a track of time, but it was over all too soon. On the way back, it being a Sunday, there was a mega traffic block, AND there were NO direct trains to Andheri.

The girls said, “So what! We will go home via Dadar”. We really need to emulate their ‘So what?’ attitude. So on our way back, dead tired, we slept like logs. Not for long! We reached the center, the girls, exhausted and with their eyes heavy with sleep, asked me, “You are coming for class today at 3pm, right?”

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