The MAD Fellowship Profiles 2011-12

The Make A Difference Fellows across 10 cities of our operations, will be a cohesive team of committed leaders who will take MAD forward and manage it in their city of operation. Below is a brief idea on what the roles are:

President: To Control, Coordinate and invigilate the activities in a City.

Operations: To manage, schedule and ensure smooth running of MAD classes in the centres (orphanages/street shelters) within a city

HR: To Recruit & Place new Volunteers

English Training: To train, invigilate and monitor feedback

Public Relations: To manage smooth flow of information both inside and outside the Organization and keep the MAD BLOG updated with activities in your city

Corporate Relations/ Fundraising : To make the city self sustainable with respect to funds.

Placements: To coordinate the Placements Projects (details on the website)

  • Each Fellow will be paid a stipend of INR 24,000 at the end of the 12 month service period (March 2012)
  • Each Fellow will be required to attend periodic National and Regional level conferences. All travel and lodging expenses will be adjusted against the year-end stipend.


The President is the face of MAD in their city. A person in this role must be highly motivated and a charismatic leader. The President will have overall responsibility for MAD in that city.

Specific duties:

  • Responsible for managing the operations of the city; work closely with Fellow for Operations
  • Support other city Fellows during recruitment drives, college presentations, corporate presentations, donor presentations through active participation
  • Conduct monthly core team meetings and manage / monitor deliverables. Submit minutes to national coordinator.
  • Provide periodic national reports as required.
  • Liaise with the national team to provide a regular and transparent picture of MAD’s progress within the city
  • Participate in monthly National Conference calls
  • Sending minutes of the City Core team meeting to the National Core team every month.


The Operations Fellow is responsible for managing the operations across centres(orphanages and street shelters) in the city. He/She will ensure a congenial operating environment so that the volunteers are able to carry out their activities smoothly, centre authorities are informed of our progress and children get the best from us.

Specific responsibilities:

Center Related

  • Identifying new centers at the beginning of the academic year, and ensuring all centers fit the profile standards
  • Round the year liaising with centres in the city, coordinating with the orphanage authorities on closure and commencement of class and communicating with the respective center heads
  • Monthly batch visits at every centre
  • Trouble shooting: ensuring smooth operation of MAD activities across all centres
  • Organizing and chairing monthly centre head meetings

Volunteer Related

  • In-Charge of Volunteer Allocation
  • Ensuring classes are not missed in any center and 56 classes happen in a year
  • Ensuring updation of child profile on webapp, including assessment scores and school marks and comments
  • Ensuring volunteers have all teaching materials as required
  • Enforcing volunteer standard in MAD (below Zero credits means must leave the organization)
  • Monitor and manage credit ratings of volunteers


The HR Fellow will be responsible for recruiting quality volunteers as per city requirement. He/She will be a sounding board for volunteer issues and will respond to joining inquiries for that city. Responsible for planning recruitment drives, maintaining member documents. And also for keeping up volunteer motivation by organizing volunteer engagement programs.

Specific responsibilities:

  • Understanding the basic requirement of the number of volunteers – teaching, placements and admin – needed based on the mutual understanding with respective VPs
  • Conduct recruitment drive – presentations at colleges, screening of the applications, telephonic interview, group activities and personal interviews followed by center visit
  • Coordinating interviews during recruitment drives (for teaching, placements and admin volunteers) and ensuring suitability of recruited volunteers
  • Conducting Process training
  • Ensuring availability of efficient Volunteers at all centres at all times.
  • Manage volunteer motivation, issues, suggestions, concerns
  • Plan and conduct monthly meetings and volunteer programs
  • Manage distribution of certificates and implement other incentive programs

Public Relations(PR):

The PR Fellow will be responsible for keeping the MAD brand alive both within MAD and outside it, in their own city. He/She will need to develop and maintain contacts in the media. Will need to ensure volunteers are motivated to use the blog regularly. Will be responsible for keeping volunteers updated on MAD affairs regularly, support other functions like HR, Fundraising, Placements with appropriate material during events, drives etc.

Specific responsibilities:

  • Come out with the MAD city Newsletter
  • Ensure and monitor volunteer participation in blogging activities
  • Upload write up and photographs of every city event in MAD in the blog
  • Interface with the media for publicity and coverage
  • Make cool posters, brochures and other written materials.
  • The creative support for others: A designer, photographer, content writer, press coordinator.
  • Manage MAD communities on face book, twitter etc
  • Design merchandise and memorabilia
  • Spread the MAD word around through campaigns
  • Promote and announce MAD comps
  • Number of newspaper / magazine articles in the city to date

English Project Head:

The EPH Fellow is responsible for ensuring that all volunteers who teach go through all three mandatory trainings: process training, syllabus training and teacher training. He/She is responsible for planning and implementing training programs and for giving feedback to national core team on effectiveness of training programs. Will be the point of contact in that city for the trainers and maintain training records for that city. Will need to understand training feedback based on volunteer, invigilation bunch feedback and inform president, national training coordinator

Specific responsibilities:

  • Identify a motivated and talented set of teachers as mentors
  • Conduct demo classes for volunteers
  • Ensuring Teacher training sessions being conducted as decided
  • Plan and co-ordinate training programs for volunteers – syllabus, process and teacher training: through the mentors
  • Ensuring volunteers are following the syllabus
  • Monitor feedback related to the syllabus; liaise with the national team / syllabus vendor
  • Ensure timely availability of syllabus to the volunteers
  • Plan monthly mentor meetings and co-ordinate mentor – volunteer reviews and feedback
  • Co-ordinate with mentors for class invigilation and posting feedback.

Corporate Relations

Is the money bag of MAD in that city. Responsible for raising funds according to the MAD budget for city level projects for the year.

Specific responsibilities:

  • Responsible for achieving the annual target for city level funding requirements
  • Identify new methods for raising funds for various projects. Facilitate due diligence activities for the donor
  • Submit all payments to City VP Finance and ensure every donor receives a receipt for contributions.
  • Identifying POCs in Companies and organising and co-ordinating FoM presentations.
  • Identifying new methods to raise FoM contributions
  • Meeting the monthly set targets of the City for FoM
  • Co-ordinating with the National FoM co-ordinator for submission of filled forms.

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