Google’s Growing MADness!

Contribution by Divesh Chanana.

Already working its magic across three centres in Delhi, it was time for another ‘spellbinding-Google workshop’ at Arya Bal Griha on January 16, 2011. And this time as well, the team of Googlers successfully enthralled our kids!

After the initial ice breaking sessions and explaining the various products of Google, our surprised little viewers quickly got into their interactive mode and bombarded the team from Google with questions ranging from searching about various cricket stars to finding out about ‘Churan Ka Aavishkaar’ (which later was googled as the ‘Discovery of Ayurveda’ =P)

Being nothing like a boring theoretical lecture that most of us are so used to in college, the Googlers innovatively explained every product and tried to relate the uses of the products with the lives of our kids.

The individual practical training added just the cherry needed as everyone got their hands on a laptop refreshing the teaching imparted.

And so another Google workshop came to an end, leaving behind the memories of an exciting day that gave the volunteers and the Googlers a chance to open a window for our young learners to explore the plethora of opportunities that lie ahead of them .. a chance for us to share knowledge and learn in the process .. a chance for us to Make A Difference :D

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