The MAD Fellowship Programme 2011-12!

Are you passionate to make a difference in the lives of the underprivileged children but don’t know how? Do you like multi-tasking and thrive on challenges?  Do you have great social ideas raring to be implemented but don’t know where to start? Are you longing for an opportunity to make a difference in the lives of people around you? … Then this blog post is for you!

Make A Difference (MAD) Fellowship Program is the first of its kind in India, open to all college-students and young working professionals living in 10 cities across the country. These Fellowships are part-time, paid positions for the youngsters who are keen to learn what its like to be running a non-profit organization.

Where are we currently recruiting?

Cochin, Chennai, Hyderabad, Mumbai, Pune, Nagpur, Bangalore and Mangalore

What is MAD Fellowship?

Every City will have 5 MAD Fellows who will constitute MAD’s core team

1. MAD Fellow 1: President

2. MAD Fellow 2: Human Resources+ English Training

3. MAD Fellow 3: Operations+ Library Program + Center Resource manager

4. MAD Fellow 4: Corporate Relations + Placements

5. MAD Fellow 5: Public Relations & Media

What do these profiles work on?

President: To Control, Coordinate and Invigilate the activities in a City.

Operations: To manage, schedule and ensure smooth running of MAD classes in the centres (orphanages/street shelters) within a city

HR: To Recruit & Place new Volunteers

English Training: To train, invigilate and monitor feedback

Public Relations: To manage smooth flow of information both inside and outside the Organization and keep the MAD BLOG updated with activities in your city

Corporate Relations/Fundraising : To make the city self sustainable with respect to funds.

Placements: To coordinate the Placements Projects (details on the website)

Applicant prerequisites

Young professionals working full time and students in any year of an undergraduate or postgraduate degree, who can commit for 1 year within the same city, are encouraged to apply.

Application Criteria

1. Be able to commit to the Fellowship for 1 year (up to April 2012)

2. A people’s person who likes to communicate and passionate about the impact your work will make to the life of MAD’s kids.

3. Ability to spend at least 2 hrs per day on MAD activities. (14 hrs per week)

4. Ability to take ownership of MAD programs, run it efficiently in your city.

5. Ability to find innovative solutions to issues- A DOER!!!

And above all, passionate about the cause of bringing quality education to underprivileged children

Have more questions on any of the above? We’re happy to your questions and feedback at

Raring to go already? You can fill out the form at and send to

Are you ready to get another year go MAD?!!

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  1. says

    Hey there! We apologize for this over-sight. The doc has been made public now. Do try again.

    And thank you for your interest!

  2. Partymonger says

    Guys can you open the link again and see?
    I’ve filled the form again and sent, But if you open the above link, it seems like someone has filled and save it in the public document. A .xls file to be downloaded with a direct link like would be a better choice.

  3. Malvika says

    I cant apply for this anymore can I ? I am extremely interested in the type of work that MAD does. I’ve just recently graduated from college and am looking for work. Are you still looking for people? or hiring?

  4. says

    Hey Malvika, 

    Somebody from the Board of Directors will be getting in touch with you soon. 
    Thank you for your interest in Make A Difference. 

  5. Dr Supriyatuli says

    i am always looking forward to new announcements n blogs here on the MAD site..and well i always tend to miss whenever there is any.sheer badluck!! anyway are u guys conducting the fellowship programme for the year 2012-13 as well? and if yes,when does the process start?

  6. says

    Hello dr. Supriyatuli, 

    The process will start in Jan-Feb 2012. There will be an announcement here and on Facebook so that you won’t miss it! Looking forward to having you around!

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