Meet MAD’s not-so-secret Santa….

The interaction with Mrs. Michelle Obama garnered much publicity and success for MAD. The excitement and happiness generated by the event had scarcely died down even a month later.

Around Christmas time, Tanmay, Mumbai’s MAD chapter President, got in touch with Lisa, vice council of the American consulate, Mumbai. She informed him of Mrs. Obama’s plans for the lovely children she had met through MAD.

This year, our kids’ Santa Claus would be no less than the first lady of the United States!

The gifts from the U.S arrived in Mumbai on the 28th and we collected them from the American Consulate on 29th.

The sheer number of boxes took us by surprise. There was only enough room for the driver after we finished loading the Tata Safari! The gifts were taken to Ronak’s empty flat where we began the daunting task of segregating the gifts.

After completing all the hard work, it was finally time for the most fun task, i.e., the gifting!

All the way from USA!

At  Fr. Agnel, Bandra the reaction was quite a sight. The kids, already awaiting the end of class impatiently, were overjoyed at the sight of gifts. Cheers of pure joy and excitement erupted around the class as the gifts were handed out and you just knew then that Christmas had arrived in style.

Merry Christmas everybody!!

It was hard to determine who was more excited about the gifts, the volunteers or the children, as student and teacher alike admired their quality. For those fifteen minutes, the volunteers became kids too, fascinated by every new gift.

Each gift set contained colour pencils, markers (of excellent  quality which we have never used in our lives), a  sketch book, a notebook, a magic pen (that changes colour every time it writes) and glue sticks.

The children were thrilled that Mrs. Obama had thought of them and had sent them presents. They told us that they would now be envied by their classmates and how grateful they were for their presents.

Seeing the expressions on their faces as they hurriedly unwrapped and examined their presents ensured it was one Christmas none of the volunteers would forget.

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