One Hell of a MAD Life it is!

Someone told me that he got goosebumps when he watched it for the first time. An awesome feeling of MADness he said..

Somebody on Facebook was saying that it was one of those videos that made you feel like you had to get up and do something.. Somebody else said that they couldn’t wait to get back to MAD..

I saw it and for those ten minutes, I was reminded of everything from my first day at MAD to teaching my last class at YMCA..

This one is for all you Maddies out there.. We all DO have ‘One Hell of a MAD Life..’ now don’t we?

Thanks to Suresh Triveni, Deepan Mankad & Ghopal Krishnan (Producers), Kevin Jason Crasta & Shruti Naik (Direction) and Chandrashekar Parab (Editing).

Oh, and guys, please do tell the team that worked on the video what you thought about their work! Personally, I thought they did a real MAD job!

So, here it is! Enjoy!

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  1. Gloriasb says

    @ the team from Pointbreak: The video was MADelicious!!!! :) Amazing work!!

    @ MADsters – enjoy some more MADness this year!!! :)

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