Girls day out

The author- Zoya Akhter is a 12th std student and volunteer at Balikashram,Mangalore


‘’5 missed calls- Greeshma M.A.D’’, my phone said.

And I panicked. I was late.  I called her back instantly. “Where are you, everyones waiting,’’ she said. “Right outside Balika,” I said and ran towards the old beautiful ashram.

When I entered the place, I was surprised. The place, which is normally filled with kids and laughter, was silent. There stood a bright yellow bus amidst the brown and green of the trees and the old building.

Greeshma was waiting outside. Liar! The kids weren’t even ready. But as I went closer I heard a “psst teacher come fast.”

I peeped inside the bus to see it  filled with the little monsters, all dolled up, with their hair combed and with their best dresses on.  I stared at them, shocked. Were they actually all sitting quietly in their places without making ANY noise?That wasn’t possible, something was definitely wrong!

The engine of the bus roared, warning me for the last time to  take my seat.

And then the joy ride began….

Nikitaand Aishwarya  told the kids that we were going to Yenopoya dental and medical college. The kids grinned but no one uttered a word.  They spoke to us when we asked them something and then they would simply sit and smile!

It was when we reached the Nehtravathi bridge that they all got got up from their seats. “Wooooooowww waaaattteerr!”

“Such a pretty bridge…”

“Bridges cant be pretty…no teacher?”

I was starting to feel comfortable.  “‘Where does this take us?” One of the kiddies asked.

“Chennai,” an equally excited Greeshma said.

“Really? Does it take us to America also?”

“And China…?”

The questions started pouring in.

When we reached the end of the bridge, the kids fell silent again, when one of the ‘responsible’ kids reminded them “sssh don’t talk, remember?”

After sometime we reached the college. The kids got out in a ‘straight’ line and stood outside the bus. The MD of the college, Mr Farhad Abdullah and the secretary Dr Akhter Husain, welcomed us graciously and asked us to look around freely. We were then taken inside the human anatomy lab,by the student counselor Mrs Obeida,  where the kids saw the development of the foetus(“we were that small?”),  the different body parts (“that’s inside us? eww”)  and different surgical techniques.

We then went to the Forensic laboratory and looked around the different weapons used, the techniques used to catch criminals, and different first aid methods. The kids were excited! ( We may even have some future forensic scientists from balika ashram!)

We then went around the beautiful campus, and saw the rain water harvesting tank and  the huge open-air auditorium.

With no time to waste, we hopped into our yellow bus and went to  Kavya’s “Rich Ice cream parlour”. On hearing this, the kids were delighted! When we reached the place, Kavya, was waiting for us looking equally excited as the kids! She showed them how to make ice cream and we were all given a bowl of absolutely toothsome ice cream!

Before we knew it, it was time to get the kids back to the ashram! On the way back, my inquisitiveness was unbearable and so I finally asked them why they were being such ‘good girls’.

“Nooo teacher, its not that we are not having fun! We are having a great time….warden told us if we behave ourselves the other classes will get to go out for field trip too and we dont want them to miss it.”

Aww, bless the kids!

We told them, that we would take them anyways and then the little mischievous smiles spread over their faces, the volumes increased and  the  little monsters were back !

How long could we not stay MAD?

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