Postman with wings! A letter delivered in two seconds..

“Bhaiya, I can send a letter in just 2 minutes… really?”  The look of astonishment in the child’s eyes was enough to convey that the e-mail, which for most of us is an outdated technology, for some, is still a marvel equivalent to a wonder of the world!!!

From a research project at Stanford University to the world’s favourite search engine, has made its own space in every netizen’s cyberspace surfing.

And to give our girls at Chhatravas a glimpse of the ever expanding world of the internet and how Google has changed it forever, a bunch of Googlers, all set with their laptops and data cards, geared up for an interactive workshop!

What began with a question-and-answer round on computers and the internet, which saw enthusiastic students trying to respond to all questions asked, quickly transformed into an informative session on Google and its products.

Ranging from Google Search and Google Images used to find out about anything in the ‘puri duniya’ to YouTube to watch videos from ‘Dabangg’; the Googlers soon explained the uses of their major products to the kids.

The second favourite of the girls (first obviously being YouTube to watch videos of ShahRukh and Salman) was Google Maps. Locating the various places in and around their city doubled their already escalating excitement.

Besides these, Gmail and Google Translator proved to be new concepts for the girls. Sending letters through the internet amazed them.

In no time, did all of them want their own Gmail ids and start sending emails to one another! And, translating their words into different languages surely made them marvel at the option available for translating.

After an informative tour through the different products offered by Google, it was time for a hands-on experience. All the students were given the opportunity of working on the internet and using Google’s products to search, find videos and send mails!

The girls had a nice time exploring the varied options presented before them and were exposed to an entirely new world of Google.

Seeing the joy in their eyes gave us the confirmation that our efforts were making a difference.

However, it was soon time for us to say goodbye. But not before the Googlers and our very own president gave a surprise to the kids and the volunteers too, showing their dance moves by performing to the hit tunes of Dabangg!

[This probably being one of the most enjoyed events of the entire day!!]

Thus the third edition of the Google workshop came to an end. Having covered three centres in Delhi, the workshops have proven to be a success for the exposure of the students to a less explored field. These experiences shall be instrumental in expanding their horizons and provide them many opportunities in the future.

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  1. Shatakshi Garg says

    Dat’s wat mks MAD different frm others……An excellent initiative 2 let these young girls cross their secluded domain & b an integral part of d amazing wrld outside.3 cheers 4 d MAD family!!!!!

  2. Ravinarayanan (FOM) says

    Happy news that our kids r going hi-tech. A nice initiative by MAD with Google.
    Keep it up.

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