Little Ones and their BIG Day of Fun!

Contributions by Tanya Sarin, Shruti Ambast, Smriti Kapur.

HAPPY CHILDREN’S DAY! These are 3 words that light up any child’s face. And surely for our kids in Delhi, these 3 words meant a day full of awesomeness!

The kids took the idea of “only celebration and no classes” very seriously. It was their day and they knew it!! All that they wanted to do was to be free – to scream, run, dance and basically just have unlimited fun with their friends, with no one to stop them.

So, that is exactly how Chacha Nehru’s birthday was celebrated at St. Anthony’s Girls Shelter Home, Arya Bal Griha and Chhatravas. We thought of telling the kids a little bit about Nehru ji, but as it turned out, they were the ones who regaled us with interesting titbits about his life.

With the decorations done, the stage set, the party was all set to begin.

Across the different shelter homes, different games proved to be the main attraction for the kids. Games like “dog and the bone”, “burst-other-people’s-balloons-and-save-your-own” and “musical chairs” were huge successes.

While playing musical chairs, as soon as the music started, it was like an explosion had been triggered – the kids ran and scrambled madly to get a seat.

The series of games continued, and “the game of opposites”, having the leader speak aloud a word when everyone did the exact opposite of that, got everyone excited.

“SHOUT”, said the leader and every single one of them was quiet. Not for long though, as the next word was “SILENT” and after that there was no staying “silent” at all!!

A number of other games followed, like the “3-leg race”, “newspaper dance” and “balloon dance” – with exciting prizes to be won in all of them. A painting competition and a “boys versus girls Antakshari” got everyone, even the volunteers all geared up.

And then, with spoons in their mouths instead of their hands, the kids raced each other to the finish line, while, at the same time, trying not to drop the ‘éclairs’ kept on the spoons. However, their favourite had to be the “water game” where in they showed us their accuracy in dropping coins inside a bangle placed in a bucket containing water.

And soon it was time for the most awaited part of the day, the dance session, in which the girls were successful in making all the teachers jive to the tunes of “Golmaal” and “Dabbang”. The kids too shook a leg to the tunes of the songs that could barely be heard in the jing-bang.

After what was an absolutely enjoyable and enriching day, neither the children nor the volunteers wanted to leave. So with assurances of being back the next week with more fun and more games combined with our lessons, we bade them goodbye!

And so, the Children’s Day Celebrations ended with the volunteers bringing the supplies and the kids displaying the talent, enthusiasm and lots of spirit. While the games, the prizes, gifts, chocolates and pictures with their friends made their day, the smiles on their faces and their constant

“Thank you didi”, “Thank you bhaiya” made ours! :D

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  1. Kumar_athira says

    hey…m in delhi n i wud really lov to meet d delhi kids as m here…m a teacher in MAD Cochin1.
    pls cn u tell me wr i cn do 4 dt?

  2. Mridula says

    Hey Athira. MAD Delhi is having its All-Volunteer-Meet this Sunday. So if you’ll still be here, you can come and meet the volunteers and from there we could take you to one of our centers and you could meet the kids!

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