Crescent’s Day Out

The moment I stepped out of the car and looked around Amaara, I fell in love with it.

It was much different than the Café Coffee Day’s or Barista’s or Starbucks most of us are accustomed to. It was mesmerising, but I learnt that Amaara would soon be demolished; dejected I went to the backyard and saw 21 curious faces from Crescent look up at me.

I smiled, they smiled back, what better to cheer me up I knew I was going to have a great day…

We started off with an introduction session, followed by a round of ‘Treasure-Hunt’ with Sumesh, our VP Placements, shouting “hot”, “cold”, “ippo ice cold”, “very hot” et cetera in an attempt to let kids find the treasure, but this led them to run hither and thither in confusion until they got the hang of it.

After the ‘Treasure-Hunt, the kids started singing Malayalam and Tamil songs. We had another round of ‘Treasure- Hunt’ and two kids volunteered to dance to “barso re megha” and did a commendable job.

We were soon joined by Mrs Rashmi and Mrs Susheela (to those of you who don’t know, they have their dance institution and during their free time, read stories and teach dance to MAD kids), who let their hair down and started dancing the moment they heard music(something I can never do!).

They taught the kids some steps and also managed to make the spastic volunteers shake-a-leg. After a great dancing session, the kids had some refreshments and played ‘Dumb-Charades’.

Here we were given brief summary of Kathak (it was only then “some” of the volunteers realised Kathak and Kathakali were different! ;-) Ed. note: Five points to anyone who can guess who that ’eminent volunteer’ is.) and we were soon off to watch the Kathak performance.

Clad in blue lehenga, blue and red dupatta Ms. Mahua Shankar was a bubbly Kathakaar. Not only did she explain to us the history of Kathak but also demonstrated how rhythm was everywhere.

An enthralling performance by all the artistes – Mr Vijay Mishra (tabla), Mr Ghulab (vocals and harmonium) and Ms Nupur Shankar (vocals) – followed. The performance concluded with a brilliant  ‘Jhughalbandi’.

In the end when Jithin asked how many kids wanted to learn to dance, there was not a single hand that was not in the air. I’m not surprised, after such a fabulous evening, I, a girl with two left feet was planning on some dancing lessons!

By Roshni Thammaiah

More pictures of the event are available here and here.

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