An education in Arts and Crafts

We always knew that the kids at Valsalyabhavan were a creative lot. This was reaffirmed during the two interactive and creative craft sessions conducted by Lakshmi Ma’am at the center.

On the 8th of August (soon after the MAD classes on Sunday) the kids at Valsalyabhavan gathered around eagerly for the craft session.

Lakshmi Ma’am made her entry with a box fullof cardboards, decorative paper and other craft materials. She handed out the material to all. The task at hand ~ to make cute little notebooks.

They were asked to draw designs on the front cover of the small notebooks. Everyone put in their best effort and the result was a whole assortment of notebooks with a variety of pictures on the first page and no two books looked the same. The session ended with Lakshmi Ma’am promising the kids another visit.

The next session took place the next week. This time, she came with pieces of cloth, needles and threads. She showed the kids how to make knots at the end of the thread and how to fold the cloth beautifully before stitching.

The kids were taught the running stitch (which I discovered to my great disappointment, does not run on its own!). Lakshmi Ma’am gave the children safety precautions as they worked with their needles.

It is worth noting that the interest and patience the kids displayed while they were engaged in stitching, was quite contrary to my emotions while stitching back a loose button on my clothing. Again, Lakshmi Ma’am left with promises of returning another day!

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