The Day They Walked the Red Carpet

written by Minto J Ancil

It was one of those Sundays you’d love to have after an exhausting week – those cold, rainy days when you could just curl up under your blankets and drift off  into the Land of Nod.

But this Sunday was special, it was the first after Rajnikanth’s “Enthiran” released, which meant ticket rates over in Tamil Nadu were sky-high and getting tickets for a show in Kerala meant that you had to get to the theatres even before the projector boy.

It was drizzling non-stop like a tap that wouldn’t close properly. The resulting “artwork” on the road was, well, pretty even (euphemism intended).

At one point, the task of collecting the children from the shelter homes seemed impossible. But nothing stands in a MADster’s way and we had the young owners of fifty shining faces, some eager, some curious but all of them genuinely happy, trooping into the buses.

We reached the theatre five to ten minutes later than anticipated but found to our surprise that the special show hadn’t started because the ‘little stars’ hadn’t arrived! They were a bit apprehensive seeing three-quarters of the Allianz Cornhill staff standing outside waiting to help them through the crowd (it was the third day of a RAJNI movie, after all) but they got over it soon and some were seen shaking hands with some of the staff. :)

Guess what? The prime seats right at the top of the balcony were “reserved for Make A Difference”! Paper shreds were provided which were promptly launched to the skies as the Super Star made his entrance on screen.

During the interval, the children were provided with sandwiches and ice-creams.

The end of the movie saw mixed reactions- some wanted to see it again, others couldn’t wait to tell their friends and some even wanted to go to the zoo next!

But none of this was before they were each handed a take-away, custom-made “Endhiran” cup! Yet another surprise awaited them at the exit- a news channel waiting to report their take on the movie!!

They were only too glad to oblige by mimicking the superstar to general applause and made their way back to the buses in true red carpet style.

Their faces shining with joy as they hugged us goodbye warmed us up on the otherwise cold and dreary day.

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