Learning and Fun at PVR

A ride in the bus, assembling in an AV Room, and finally, lights off!

MAD Delhi’s latest Placement activity, a visit to PVR cinemas, proved to be an enthralling experience for our boys at Arya Bal Griha. Under the PVR Nest (Network for Enablement and Social Transformation) initiative, our kids were in for a visual treat. =)

With an aim to expose our kids to a plethora of prospects, the cinema manager at PVR, Priya, commenced the session with a presentation on PVR’s various endeavours and highlighted the different opportunities one may have on joining them.

Briefly giving an idea of the ventures of PVR, the manager interacted with the boys, explaining to them the functioning of each and hoping that some of the kids sitting in the room then, would one day, become a part of their organisation.

Highly motivated and inspired, the kids now looked forward to the short films that were to be screened. Made by children studying in different schools, these films highlighted various socially significant issues such as environment conservation and importance of education, and left a mark on the impressionable minds of our students.

By being able to relate to the films better, for they were conceptualised, directed and enacted by young kids, our students were enthused to make their own films and see them one day being screened for others.

With hopes in their eyes to make it big one day, we took our kids for an on-the-floor visit to the various units of a movie theatre. The kids saw a movie hall with a film being projected, popcorns being made, and the different parts of a ticket counter in function. The excitement on closely seeing and understanding things they had previously experienced, was evident on their faces.

And so after a much edifying and remarkable day, our children were ready to head back, having learnt some, experienced a lot. This excursion did add a few building blocks to their growing personalities, and, we hope, will definitely make a difference to their lives.

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