An Orientation with a difference

All the girls from Holy Ghost had anxiously awaited the arrival of the ‘cheta’(s) and ‘chechi’(s) – endearing terms in Malayalam, generally used to refer to older siblings or to people older than oneself; the former used for males and the latter for females.

The clock at Holy Ghost, Aluva had already struck 2 on the 31stof July,and the girls had begun fidgeting in their excitement.They weren’t kept waiting for long though, as the engineering students from Rajagiri and FISAT soon arrived at the venue.

After the initial tension and uneasiness subsided, Anjana from Rajagiri urged the kids to introduce themselves. Between all the giggles and bashful smiles, the kids finally managed to give their introductions. Their courage to come up there and speak in front of these engineering students was acknowledged with loud ovation.

Simply put, everyone present was determined to make the most of the situation (Carpe diem, I think, they call it!).

Thereafter, things took a more serious note, as the engineers-in-the-making enlightened the kids on the various obligations that an engineer’s profession entailed.

They also informed the kids about how engineering is just the umbrella term used for a variegated field of study. The team of engineering students then went on to write on the black board, various terms that most of us left behind, along with our last physics exam paper; terms like resistors, capacitors, ICs et cetera. This was presumably done to get the kids enthusiastic about taking up engineering, while providing them with some knowledge in that field.

I can readily attest to the fact that the kids received all this with so much more enthusiasm, than I’d ever hope to even feign for the same topic!

Soon enough the mood shifted to fun and frolic. The kids started dancing and singing in a cheerful, carefree manner. Watching this, the team couldn’t help but join in on the fun.

Chocolates were distributed and a Q&A session ensued. Nevertheless, all good things must come to an end, and so it was for this engineering orientation too.

At the end of the day, I wonder which group actually had a life-altering experience; an experience that most certainly changed the way they looked at life.

I hope both, but we all know that the bunch of engineering students discovered something more beautiful and impressionable; the zest and vitality that the girls from Holy Ghost displayed!

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