Journalism: enlightenment at Valsalya Bhavan

My general stereotypical idea of a journalist has more to do with black thick-rimmed glasses, funky jewellery and baggy clothes. In short, someone who couldn’t care less about the way he/she looked.

Mrs.Sumi Thomas’ appearance at ValsalyaBhavan shattered this perception that I so ignorantly concocted with the help of my overly-inventive imagination.Clad in a Prussian blue sari, she easily fit into the description of your average Indian woman from the 21st century.

A quick google search reveals that, she is anything but average. She was the former sub-editor of the popular weekly magazine – The Week – that is circulated across the Indian sub-continent. Having figured out her credentials, my curiosity led me to her twitter, facebook and blogger profile, where I figured out that she is a tech-savvy mum, who assures us that she means it when she replies to a comment with a LOL!

She started off the session by mapping out the details of a newspaper and then progressing to the description of the roles played by media makers, reporters and desk journalists.

She then attempted to correct some of the false notions that the girls at the centre held regarding journalism as a profession. Later, she addressed the queries put forth by the children with the keen interest of one who is extremely passionate about one’s job.
Mrs. Sumi’s husband, Mr.AbhilashVargheese had accompanied her to the venue, and was more than happy to inform the kids about his profession as a Chartered Accountant.

This way the students stood to gain more ‘gyan’ than they had signed up for! Nevertheless, at the end of the day, everyone from the children to the authority of ValsalyaBhavan was delighted from the outcome of this very edifying experience.

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  1. Shahnazthahir says

    Yay finally this comes up. Im so happy my kids got to learn about journalism through an accomplished journalist. Thanks to our placements team!

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