I am no more a teacher, I am their student

Contributions by Karishma, Rahul, Rohit, Sakshi, Urvashi, Mridula, Diksha and Shruti

If you are a volunteer new to MAD, you must have experienced a whirlwind of emotions in your first few weeks. Nervous? Overwhelmed? Simply happy? Surely, it’s too much to keep to yourself.

MAD Delhi’s new members have a lot to say about their first time with the kids. This is their space, their canvas. Have a look at how they’ve painted their experiences… We have made no attempts to connect the stories .. bringing this to you straight from the heart..

Anxiety, apprehension and excitement

Ever wondered how it used to feel when you were 12, all the dreams that shined in your eyes at that time, when the most difficult question in life used to be who your best friend v/s is the second best and so on?

Ever felt that you are losing touch with the child inside you, that you wanted to do all those things which people in your age group now classify as ‘stupid’?

My first day with MAD Delhi was just about answering all that.

I was in the canteen when I recollected that it was ‘Saturday’ and I was supposed to be at Arya Anathalya, Darya Ganj by 3.30pm (it was 3.15 already…!!!!!).I rushed to my centre as fast as I could , but still, in spite of all my shouting at that autowala…

I still managed to get late (that too…on the very first day..!!). The president (Hitler in my very own words..;))  was present there, and gave me nasty looks for being late and irresponsible (sorry Samarth.. :) ).

When I started from home for St. Anthony,  I was very excited but as I traveled those kms nervousness started crawling in, as this was gonna be a completely different thing.. how am I gonna interact with the kids, like I’ll begin with their intro etc or  just start by asking them their favorite food, actors\actresses, etc  or may be starting with a  game…….a lot of planning…still confused?!?!

First impressions – children love and affection

As we were walking towards our classes, I was approached by two girls, Sangeeta and Kala; who wished me “belated birthday” (we discussed our birthdays after our baseline test conducted earlier and I was surely surprised that they could remember it) and gave me a card, which was wrapped in ten different wrapping papers.

Then one by one all the girls of my class wished me birthday; obviously they came to know about that from the card.. :)

As I entered the class followed by 12 little girls, I could literally hear my heart beat loud and clear. That moment marked the start of something I had always wanted to do but had never really got the chance to.

So here I was, beginning my journey as a teacher, for the very first time in my life. As I turned towards those faces that looked at me with excitement and a little apprehension, I felt nervous.

How was I going to this? Would I be able to handle the class? And most importantly, will the kids like me? It was an important job and I wanted to do it correctly. Filling in a deep breath, I looked at the class, wondering where to start.

Words are not enough to describe how overwhelming I felt with the warmth that my kids showered on me welcoming me in their lives the first time we met. The faith those kids had even without knowing my name. They accepted me as their friend, as their teacher and as someone they could look up to.

Breaking the ice

I clicked their photos and asked them to give me in writing what would they want to see in their profile description. While one kid wanted to pursue CA, there was one who wanted to take up modelling.

As rain stopped we all went out to play “dog and the bone” with the other kids, and then we walked the ramp, yes all the VOLUNTEERS did CAT WALK..:P because our kids specially demanded it (it was our turn to show some talent to them…)

We wrapped it up with our own favorite “ringa-ringa-roses” and more than kids, I could see our volunteers enjoying it with a super-big grin on their faces.

After that the kids asked me to dance and sing with  them.. so I asked them to sing and I joined them and we sang the song…..peelu tere neele neele….as I didn’t know the lyrics I made my own and the kids were laughing like anything…

They also asked me to do some hip-hop dance with them so I showed them a wave step and they named me “Rubber man”……and all started calling me that.  Also I taught them the wave step and I must mention they are fast learners.

Enriched by the experience

I left the school feeling privileged enough to born in a family where my dreams were listened and fulfilled, where I was guided and taught the path I should take to meet all the others. I wish to create a similar environment for these kids, free from constraints where they feel free to choose opportunities they want to and excel at.

A teacher, they say, is someone who leads its students so that they may explore the various opportunities that lay ahead of them. The sense of achievement at having been able to make a difference, even if it a slight one, in someone’s life through such an act, is beautiful.

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  1. RA says

    the fun, the excitement, the relationship that got initiated on the first day has contiued on second day, third day and thereafter….

  2. vibhuti a says

    i have alwz been apprehensive about geetin close to new people especially children as they are so loveable so on my first day at MAD centre i decided not to make relations with those little not so sweet but vry naughty childrren….bt by the end of that one hour i ended up being didi for many girls n “new maám “for others…i was so filled with emotions and excitment in my heart while i was returnin back home…i culdnt stop talkin about all the students there,their differnt styles of lookin at things,their innocence,laughter,little cries and sadness,their freeness of thought,so sweet n loveable……..and here i am finally already in a close relation wid the students i met that day……wish to c them growin very nicely and becomin successful….hope i can be there wid them when they are ready to step into the world and do wat we are tryin to teach them…lookin forward to a very friutful tym wid them…nyc to be a part of the MAD family. :)

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