MAD Pulls a Hat-trick!

Maddies, listen up!

Over the recent months, Make A Difference has had the unique pleasure of being short-listed for not one, or two, but THREE fellowships on an international scale.

A brief introduction to the three programmes:

Cordes Fellowship:
Cordes Foundation Fellowships provide opportunities for social entrepreneurs and nonprofit leaders to participate as Delegates in the Opportunity Collaboration, which will happen at Ixtapa, Mexico this time around.
Opportunity Collaboration is a four-day strategic and problem-solving retreat attended by over 290 non-profit leaders, for-profit social entrepreneurs, funders and social investors to go beyond the boundaries and discuss the issue of poverty alleviation.
Global Fellowship Programme
Launched in 2001 by the International Youth Foundation, YouthActionNet strengthens, supports, and celebrates the role of young people in leading positive change in their communities.
Each year, 20 exceptional young social entrepreneurs are selected as YouthActionNet Global Fellows.
Make A Difference is among those chosen this year from amongst an applicant pool of nearly 800.
Dasra – Social Impact
Dasra is a premier NGO consultant which tries to bridge the gap between those investing in social change and those who spearhead the change.
Every year Dasra chooses NGOs which they believe have the potential to grow by at least 10 times their current size in the next 5 years.
Dasra selects NGOs based on key criterias such as focused model, efficiency in implementation, direct impact, quality of management team, organizational growth potential and scalability.

What does this mean?

As you might have already guessed, though these programmes are different in origin and purpose, there is one thing that is common about all three:

They all aim at identifying, promoting and celebrating those who effect, advocate and catalyse change.

If you’re a Maddie reading this, then that’s YOU. Yes, all 800 of you!


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  1. Gloria says

    Wooohooo!!! :) Yipeeee!!! *FLIP* MAD making our own history… and many more yet to come!! :)

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