An idea that is going to change lives…

“Feel. Imagine. Do. Share.” says the design process. Our kids have felt and imagined it numerous times and they just can’t wait to ‘DO’ something about it!! Yes this is the design for change contest that I am talking about in case you haven’t guessed it as yet.

‘The design for change contest says “It will be our children’s bold, fresh ideas that will be documented and showcased to demonstrate that our children can ‘design’ solutions for the world’s greatest challenges!”

I visited three out of the four centers in Hyderabad with a group of very enthusiastic and dedicated volunteers and, without exception, all these kids were thinking about problems other kids like them were facing.

The boys were talking about shelter-less or abandoned kids in the city and how to provide them the basic necessities and the girls were thinking about the health and hygiene issues which they and the younger girls were facing in their centers.

I am sure that every Maddie would agree with me when I say that our kids never fail to surprise us! It gives me immense pleasure to share with you all my very first interaction with the Rainbow boys, Lalapet.

The occasion was the introduction of the Design for Change contest concept. The kids were in their room with all their ideas on the board when we, a group of 6-7 volunteers, entered the room to listen to their ideas and solutions. We had nearly 15 issues listed on the board which included food and shelter for the shelter-less, child labor and child abuse etc.!!! When asked to pick up one issue to work on, they decided to visit the entire railway and bus stations, find kids like them and accommodate them in the orphanages.

They also wanted to convince the child laborers to join them and live the life they wanted to live! One volunteer asked: “How are you going to convince them to stop working and join you?” and they all spoke at once: “Every kid wants to go to school and learn and play. We need not convince them. We know they will join us. And if they are not allowed to, we will complain to the police!!!”  We were at a loss for words…

These kids are going out in a few days time to change lives of kids just like them. This was just my first interaction with the kids and it was Day 1 for the DFC contest and I am not able to find words to express my feelings!!

I am just waiting to see the changes that these amazing kids are going to bring about in two weeks time…


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