Teacher’s Day on a different planet!

Written by: Joanna Lobo. Joanna teaches the girls at A.D Bawla Centre. A journalist by profession, she’s part of the Placements and PR bunch as well. An enthusiastic volunteer, she has been the one behind some brilliant articles covering MAD Mumbai.

A Saturday afternoon –  a bunch of kids from three different centres – a 60 seater, bus-badly remixed songs AND the venue? NEHRU PLANETARUIM!! Stars and Galaxies – Sreams and Awe! The Occasion –   MAD Mumbai’s special pre-teachers day with 60 kids and the MADdies who even got a teachers day card as a thank you.

MAD Mumbai’s second Placements’ activity turned out to be an absolute success! Once again, Kudos to Team Placements!

Some highlights from the trip:

You know you’re in for a MAD time if:

The boys sitting in the backseat decide to hog the window so that they can scream out at passers by: from helloes, to goodbyes,to singing out songs depending on the person (bikers got Dhoom, hockey players got Chak De India, you can imagine!)

The YMCA boys give the couples dotting Bandstand and Worli seaface a lesson in morality by yelling at them: “Chhod do, paap hai”. On asking them to pipe down, they tell you how these couples are harming our Indian culture (coming from 12 n 13 year olds, its priceless). The clincher is: on being told that when they grow up, they would do the same, we are met with: “no teacher, when we grow up, we will use rooms”.

Tere Liye from the Viveik starrer Prince, is a hit, played over and over again, despite being remixed really badly. Of course, Waka Waka is equally popular. The sealink ride- to and fro- brings the expected ooohs and aaahs and of course questions on how much money was spent to build it, and the fact that you can see Andheri from there.. The swinging chairs at the Nehru planetarium entertain the children more than the movie.

Every ‘teacher’ has a watchdog near him/ her, who was more interested in checking that he/ she didn’t go to sleep.  The movie scares some of the children to the extent that they scream and shriek on observing stars coming at them (!) and subsequently exploding

The Snehasadan girls heave huge sighs of relief after the boys disperse, accompanied by comments like “How much they talk”, “I can still hear their voices in my head.” The empty bus, after dropping off the Fr Agnel boys provides a chance for the YMCA boys to rest their voices..and go to sleep.  What a way to bring in Teacher’s day!

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