63rd Independence Day Celebrations at MAD HYD in style..

It is that time of the year when we snap a tiranga (tri-colour) on our shirts and sing patriotic songs in unison. Independence Day reminds us of those long lost days at school when we woke up early and rushed to the school for the flag hoisting, sang the national anthem and the other patriotic songs with utmost happiness and listened to those never ending lengthy speeches by our teachers.

It also reminds us how we longed for the chocolates and biscuits that were distributed at the end of the whole ceremony!!

So MAD  celebrated the 63rd Independence Day with all gusto and fervor at the Aman Vedika Rainbow Boys Home, Lalapet, Hyderabad. String of fun activities and a movie screening were organized for the kids and the volunteers spent some quality time with the kids.

The volunteers assembled at the Aman Vedika Rainbow Boys Home on the scheduled time and met the kids. The kids were previously informed about the program and needless to say they were super excited! The event started off with Fayaz (one of the teaching volunteers at the center) making paper caps for the kids. The little ones loved them and the shouts of “Anna for me” started to appear soon! Ah! Those caps were in demand and everyone wanted one for themselves!!

So before we lose control of the situation, we went on to the main event of the day. A movie screening for the kids! In view of the occasion and to instill the importance of able virtues like patriotism, truth and honesty in the kids, a regional language (Telugu) movie ‘LEADER’ was screened at the center.

The movie is an intriguing an inspiring story of a young man who joins state politics to cleanse the system. The movie shows the challenges overcome by the young man to become a Chief Minister of the state and change the existing corrupt system. The film wonderfully enumerates the importance of truth, honesty, discipline and patriotism. The initial failures of the protagonist and the subsequent success achieved by him were well received by the kids (screams and shouts when the LEADER wins!!).

The movie watching experience was amazing for both the kids and the volunteers alike. After the movie was over, they were asked to summarize their understanding from the movie. And to our sheer pleasure, they spoke about how good that hero was and how “true” he was to his duties. They loved the never say die attitude of the protagonist.

It seemed to us that the kids carried the positive influence from the movie and our primary motto of screening it was accomplished! Happy as ever with the results, we moved on the games and fun activities.

The playground in the center became the hub of all the activity now. There was a tug of war competition going on at one end while a bunch of volunteers and some elder kids indulged in the most loved game of the country – Cricket!! A game of chain cut needed the volunteers to run behind the kids and the kids made sure that the teachers, for a change, had a run for their money’s worth!!

After an hour and lots of fun later, it was the time to conclude the fun filled evening. The gang got together and took some photos and laughed and played with the kids.

So after an exhilarating Independence Day celebration, it was time to bid good bye to the little ones. And how could a wonderful day end without sweets!! After all ‘koi acche kaam ke baad mooh meetha toh karna chahiye’!! So there were chocolates being distributed by the volunteers and as usual, the kids loved the perks and the 5 stars!!

As the day came to close, the kids were happy and tired and we the volunteers were happy and rejuvenated looking at the lovely smiles of the kids!! We walked out into the twilight, happy and content, for it was truly a special Independence Day with a difference – It was a trademark MAD day for all of us!!

The event was a great success all because of perfect planning and execution by the teaching volunteers from the Aman Vedika Rainbow Boys Home (Nikitha, Fayaz, Karim and Krishna Kiriti).

Hoping for many such fabulous events in future and many such countless moments going forward!!

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