Enthusiastic Elan

It is that time in our life when arrivez le weekend and you dab that last shade of rouge, grab them sunglasses and head out. Out beyond, the social world is beckoning.

We’re young and full of life and this is supposed to be the time where we’re having the time of our lives! The unwritten norm doesn’t allow you to resist. A sociologist or any professional in a related field would call this peer pressure.

But every theory will inherently incorporate the concept of the ‘level of satiety’ that wouldn’t take too long to attain – our invariable penchant to be only replaced by an unlikely distaste.

A point beyond plain equilibrium after which no amount of coaxing would let you stir from not wanting to do the same things that lured you out but at a time before of the recent past.

It varies from person to person, the reaching of such a point. But, it is more than certain that it wouldn’t take forever for us to keep going off on the same uncanny tangent.

There comes a time when all you could possibly care about, on those very same weekends, is the smile and shine in the kaleidoscopic eyes of innocent children who look up to you with renowned hope that was lost early. While not caring about those few winks of Sunday siesta and the cheer it brings to see their adorable innocent yearning, it is also wonderful to see the increasing number of people, especially those tenderly young and blessed with hearts of gold,  who oozing with oodles of enthusiasm are willing to give it all up for a cause noble. The veritable proof of our capability being seen in the genuine characteristic smile on a visage innocent.

An organization/enterprise/initiative of the youth – technicalities would associate different nomenclature to it – has seen many a member come, make a mark, linger on till time and circumstances permit, and then without option and much of a heavy heart, leave.

As we bid tearful goodbyes to those whom we’ve grown much accustomed to, we also open our arms wide in welcoming our newbies, the ones with a new found enthusiasm and a quest for satisfaction. With the hope to connect with more people around the world in pursuance of a common cause, we open ourselves as a network, a platform to realize not just your dream but those of many a young one who could be your protégé. With tomorrow blossoms the tender leaves of hope.

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