A Day with lots of smiles | Live Stock Exhibition Trip – TVM MAD

To see a smile in someone’s face because of me/you really feels like heart rippling. It was a great and touching moment for us to see a bunch of smiles which made the thirst for our cause more stronger and I don’t have words to express the feeling that we all had.

The smiley day was 25 July, 2010, the day which made us feel richer than a prince(ss). We had the all the kids assembled together and were properly assigned under the volunteers. Even though there was mad rush inside the eventplace, all the kids were well driven throughout and it made me to remember the schooling days out for exhibitions.

Don’t know why, but still many of them among the crowd asked “from which school are these kids from ? ” ( I really believe that it might be the discipline that our kids maintained from the others. Actually I really appreciate them for giving us the complete support that they could.)

Actually forgot to mention one thing. Actually I was kinda blown away when the kids asked me ” how are you ? ”  giving me shake-hands. A really nice welcome. :)

About the event itself, Live Stock Exhibition was organized by Department of animal husbandry, diary development, food and civil supplies, legal metrology and allied public sector undertakings.

It included exhibitions of cattle from different states, pet birds and ornamental fishes, cultural pageantry, Gaja mela (Elephant Show) and calf rally. Animal breeds from all over the country were brought to the venue for exhibition. For the first time many people got a glimpse of many rare indigenous varieties.  The best part was that it was safe for the kids to touch the animals. We even got to see a tsunami predicting pheasant… (No idea how it actually does that but it was there !!)…  The sights really kept the kids entertained.

After the exhibition we all set out to the museum where we all had more  great time with the kids, as they sat talking about the exhibition and other stuff , playing around, taking snaps etc.

We wound up by 6 after some snacks. It was a long day but the satisfaction that we got after seeing the kids’ smiling faces ensured that our efforts were not wasted….

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