MAD @ the Livestock Fest

written by Aswathy Elsa Jacob, VP Placements,  MAD Tvm


Old MacDonald had a farm  eeyah-eeyah-oh

To that farm some Madsters came  eeyah-eeyah-oh…

Our first placement bunch meeting was about a month ago. That’s when we decided about taking our kids to the National Livestock and Food fest. Then, for another week before the fest, a couple of us met almost every evening after class to discuss about the tickets,food,transport etc. (read FUNDS!!)

Nevertheless, thanks to the tireless efforts of our volunteers, everything went as smoothly as possible.

On the D-day (that is to say, 24 July), we had to ensure that the 90 kids from the 3 homes were assembled together and were properly assigned to  volunteers.

There was a mad rush at the fest but the sights  kept the kids (and the volunteers) entertained. Events  included exhibitions of  various breeds of cattle from different states, poultry from various places including China and France, pet birds and ornamental fishes, cultural pageantry, Gaja mela (Elephant Show) and a calf rally. Animal breeds from all over the country were brought to the venue for exhibition.

waiting to enter the fray (um fest)

For the first time many people got a glimpse of many rare indigenous varieties.  The best part was that it was safe for the kids to touch the animals. We even got to see a tsunami predicting pheasant (No idea if it actually does that but it was there!!)

We wound up by 6 pm after some snacks (and forming a human chain to block the traffic so that the children may safely cross the road :P). It was a long day but the satisfaction that we got after seeing the kids’ smiling faces ensured that our efforts had not been in vain :)

A special mention my Placement Bunch-Jobin, Arun Alex, Ashwin Mangath and to Minto,Melvin and Munna for all their efforts. .Last but not the least, to every volunteer and their friends who came as promised and helped through the entire event. It wouldn’t have gone so smoothly without them.

The show’s only begun and we’re gonna get better day by day!!!

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