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It’s but a natural instinct what we call social smartness; to familiarize with the loud picture in the backdrop- the society. You be unique, live in a community, absorb the culture, that’s how it goes.

In that one second of consummate excitement off your favorite TV show, some random new ideas or fashion statements inspire you and tend to change you a bit. But there’s one thing which sounds almost like a proposition; that you can change the society a bit as well.

The whole point of the school sensitization program was to replay that loud picture to the children, to give them new perspective and without touching their free will, show them what they can do.

Jithin Nedumala, Blesson and Paul went to the Cochin Refinery School on 17th July to address a big crowd of 300 kids. Jithin started off his talk mentioning MAD and then brought in some ideas from the movie ‘The Bucket List’ which made the children sit back and wonder if they, during their life over here, make themselves and others happy.

Referring to the good old, but cliched, thinking of helping others, he inquired how to help children lacking proper attention. The paradox of pragmatism keeps you from your bringing one of those kids home. You can’t help them by extending, to all of them, infinite monetary benevolence either- he explained and concluded with one possible solution which was the one MAD stood for.

Later, some videos were played for the children which had in it some of the finest elements to seek inspiration from. In one of them, a 13 year old girl made a presentation to the UN on environmental conservation, a 13 year old just like most of the kids there.

And then there was a TED video insisting on the importance of teaching English to the Chinese. There was also a video on MAD made by a volunteer from Pune. One could, just by watching the children, say that these ideas really impressed them.

On behalf of MAD, the volunteers expressed their thanks to Mrs. Sujatha, the principal of the school and to the Integrity Club facilitator Mr. Thomas for this opportunity. Now MAD is looking forward for a tie-up with the CRS integrity club so that good things may happen again.

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