Cochin AVM at Sneha Bavan

Ah well, it’s been a while since I wrote on the MAD blog, and now I do have my chance to reinvent Negative Creep and Current Emotion :)

On a personal note, I was waiting for 16th of July; it’s been a while since I was in Cochin and the first thing I wanted to do was to meet my kids at YMCA. Luckily, it had been a Friday, a class day #ftw! I walked into YMCA a little while after the class started amidst ‘Hey! Looks who’s here!’

The kids greeted me with warm smiles and hugs, one of them yelled- ‘Hey! You look as fat as me!!’ And before I could reply, another one- ‘Hey, lift your hands up’. I promptly did and then-‘Jockey! Jockey! Jockey! Jockey! Jockey!’

Negative Creep- *Loser!*
Current Emotion- *Yeah, well they haven’t forgotten anything :-)*
Me- Ah well, some habits don’t change!

It felt nice. I sat down with Blesson for sometime as he took his class. Afterwards, I went around the other classes as well. As the junior classes got over they started playing football and also invited the volunteers. ‘Come play with us’. One kid goes-‘Come, play and lose!’ I replied-‘Nah, the ground’s wet. Next time’

Current Emotion- *Nice choice, lazybones!*
Negative Creep- *Yeah Right!! You are scared that you’ll fall down and cause an earthquake!!*

Hmm, well yeah I have developed a belly. Can’t help it, I was at home!

Incidentally, the Cochin All Volunteer Meet was to be held the coming Sunday, as reminded by Bebe (read baybay).

Negative Creep -*Some of you know him as Mr. Jazim Abubacker hyukhyukhyuk*

Aite! So, I went for the Cochin 2 AVM at Snehabhavan also known as the Home of the Pallu Small Boys. A placement meet was going on when Suthin and I reached, and unexpected to see the me, a few cheers were heard =p

Current Emotion- *Thank you! Thank you! Thank You!*
Negative Creep- *They are for me you idiot!*

The meeting soon concluded and the icebreaker began. Write your name on a chit, put it in a box, somebody picks up your name and finds three things about you…

  • What do you do in your MAD life?
  • What do you do in real life?
  • What’s cool about you?

Make a Difference AVM

The last question was pretty funny, we know what’s cool about Paul (He thinks he has a super-awesome-uber-cool goatee), Sanju (the big momma) and Sumesh (Well, he may be no flintstone but he can still rock your bed!)

Make a Difference AVM

Icebreaker ends and the quiz began. Five teams, five rounds, one winner- Our team :D. Negative Creep *Yeah! That’s because we know how much you cry if you lose!*

Make a Difference AVM

We next played a combo of rugby(minus the tackling) and hit-the-wicket against the kids. And for the first time, a happy realization dawned. We can actually beat the kids!

Negative Creep *Only coz you guys are taller!*
Current Emotion *Still, we can beat the kids for the first time in MAD’s history!*

Make a Difference AVM

We managed to hold the kids 2-2. Still, it’s better than losing. =p We played football next which again I avoided.

Current Emotion- *wet ground*
Negative Creep *you should play someone your own size!*

Make a Difference AVM

The game went for a max of 15 mins and the volunteers lost 5-1. (One volunteer said-no it was 2-1) That’s the Pallu Small Boys for you :-)

It was nice to be MAD again and as Jithin C Nedumala puts it, you may leave MAD, but MAD never leaves you :-)

More photos here.

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